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BOYDEAndrewAble Bodied SeamanEdinburgh
BOYDCharlesAble Bodied SeamanLiverpool
BOYDDanielPrivate R.M.
BOYDDavidCapt R.M.
BOYDGeorgeOrdinary SeamanLondon
BOYDJesseAble Bodied SeamanRotherham
BOYDJohnAble Bodied SeamanCo.Down, Ireland
BOYDEJohnOrdinary SeamanLeith
BOYDJoshQuarter GunnerWaterford
BOYDERobertAble Bodied SeamanDowning, Gloucs
BOYDThomasOrdinary SeamanCarrickfergus, Ire.
BOYDWilliamAble Bodied SeamanPlymouth Dock

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