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ARAB (22) Purchased in 1798.
Sold in 1810.

  • 1798 Capt. Peter SPICER, 11/1798. He removed into RENARD.
  • 1799 Capt. T. P. CAPEL, 02/1799, ARAB was undocked at Plymouth on 29 December 1798 Jamaica. He removed to MELEAGER.
  • 1801 Capt. J. PERKINS, Jamaica.
    On 16 April 1801 the French garrison evacuated the island of St. Eustatia, carrying with them their field pieces and as much plunder as their ships could carry. Capt. PERKINS and a detachment of the 3rd. regiment of Buffs immediately took possession of the island together with island of Saba. The ordnance captured on the island consisted of 48 pieces of ordnance with 338 barrels of gunpowder.
  • 1802 Capt. FANSHAWE, Jamaica. After a fine passage of 6 weeks she returned to Plymouth on 4 September 1802.
  • 1803 Plymouth.
  • 1804 Lord COCHRANE, who commissioned her on 20 October 1803 at Plymouth.
  • 1805 Capt. Keith MAXWELL on the Boulogne station.
    The French Boulogne flotilla was seen steering along the shore on the 18 July and Capt. OWEN ordered his brigs, WATCHFUL, SPARKLER, PINCHER and ARAB to attack the part which consisted of 22 large schooners under Dutch colours. When Capt. MAXWELL pushed in shore he found the water barely sufficient to keep his ship afloat but, by pressing close on the schooners, three of them grounded passing Cap Gris Nez and struck on the Banc de Laine and two others ran themselves ashore. During the action a large shell struck the ARAB's main-mast-head and then lodged on the gun deck. A seaman named CLORENTO started to remove the fuse but a master's mate, Edward MANSELL, seeing that it was about to explode, helped him and two others push it through a port where it blew up in the water a few seconds later.
    The Patriotic Fund at Lloyds voted Mr MANSELL 50 pounds and the three seamen 30 pounds each. Her eight wounded men received 125 pounds between them.
    The following day ARAB was cheered by IMMORTALITE after burying the dead at sea.
  • 1806 West Indies. Lieut. Edward DIX was appointed as acting captain of ARAB for five weeks by Sir Alexander COCHRANE. During this short period every person on board, with the exception of the captain and eight others, contracted yellow fever and 33 died from it.
  • 1807 Keith MAXWELL, Spithead. She was paid off and remained in ordinary at Woolwich until sold.

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