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ARGO (28) 6th rate Built in 1758, Rotherhithe.
Broken up in 1776.

  • 1759 Capt. John Bladen TINKER, with Commodore BOYS, blockading THUROT in Dunkirk during the summer and early autumn.
  • 1761 Capt. Richard KING. He took Col William Draper to India to organise and lead the expedition against Manilla. ARGO took part in the assault at the end of September.
    On 4 October ARGO and PANTHER, Cdr. George OURRY (acting for Capt. William NEWSON) were sent in search of a Spanish galleon from Acapulco bound for Manilla. They did not find her but did succeed in capturing another galleon, the SANTISIMA TRINIDAD, on 31 October. She had left Manilla on 1 August bound for Acapulco with treasure worth about 2 million dollars. Although pierced for sixty guns she only had 13 mounted, but her sides were so thick that they were almost impervious to British shot and it took two hours before she surrendered. She was manned with a crew of 800 sailors and soldiers.

    The Admiralty office June 18. 1761.

    - Capt. King of his majesty's ship the ARGO gives an account in his letter, dated at the Nore the 17th. instant, of his arrival there with the Marechal duc de Biron snow, a French privateer of fifteen guns, six pounders, (pierced for twenty) twelve swivels, and one hundred and nine men, which was taken by the ARGO on the 11 instant after a chace of eight hours. The said privateer sailed from Dunkirk the 7th. January last on a cruise to the westward, and her cruise being expired was returning to Dunkirk having on board seven ransomers, to the amount of 4,400 pounds.
  • After this he was ordered to the East Indies, sailing from England on 22nd February 1762. On 4 October Vice Ad. CORNISH sent Capt. PARKER of PANTHER with ARGO in quest of the galleon ST. PHILIPPINA from Acapulco bound to Manilla.

    Letter from Vice Ad. CORNISH to Mr M'Cleveland.

    Bay of Manilla 10 November 1762.
    The 7th. inst, Capt. King in the Argo returned with a letter from Capt. Parker acquainting me, that in consequence of my orders, having the 30th. October got the length of the island of Capul, near the entrance into the Embocadero, in pursuit of the St. Philippina, where the Argo had come to an anchor (and which he intended to do for that night) just as the day closed saw a sail, and standing to the northward; at eight in the evening he got a sight of the chase, about two leagues to leeward, but unluckily by the rapidity of a counter current, to what the chace was in, drove among the Narrango's in the utmost danger of being lost, and obliged to anchor; the frigate having escaped the danger, got up with the chace and engaged her near two hours; but was so roughly handled that Capt, King was obliged to bring too to repair his damages. By this time the current slackened, which enabled Capt. Parker to get under sail with the chace in sight: about nine the next morning he came up with her, and after battering her two hours within half musket shot, she struck. The enemy made but little resistance, trusting to the immense thickness of the side of their ship, which the Panther's shot was not able to penetrate, except her upper works.Capt Parker was no less disappointed than surprised when the General came on board, to find, that instead of the St. Philippina, he had engaged and taken the Santissima Trinidad, who departed from Manilla 1 August for Acapulco, and had got 300 leagues to the westward of the Embocadero; but meeting with a hard gale of wind, was dismasted and put back to refit; she had 800 men on board, and pierced for 60 guns; but when Capt. King engaged her, had only 6 mounted, and but 13 when taken; draws 33 feet of water, and is a much larger ship than the Panther. I cannot ascertain the value of the cargo, but there is to the amount of one million and a half of dollars registered, and she is reputed to be worth 3 millions. Capt. King left Panther with her prize at anchor about 3 degrees south of the Corregidor at the mouth of this bay, and since I have sent a reinforcement of men with launches and warps, I hope very soon to have her in safely.
    I am, & c.

  • Capt. KING remained for some time after the end of the war, returning in the GRAFTON at the end of 1765 or the beginning of 1766.

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