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ARROGANT (74) 3rd rate Built in 1761, Harwich.
Broken up in 1810.

  • 1762 Capt. John AMHERST, with Sir George SAUNDERS in the Mediterranean.
  • 1768 Capt. George MACKENZIE. Guardship at Plymouth
  • 1770 Capt. Matthew MOORE. Guardship at Portsmouth.
  • 1782 Capt. S. CORNISH, North America.
  • 1793 Capt. J. H. WHITSHED.
  • 1795 Capt. R. LUCAS, 04/1795.
  • 1798 Capt. R. PACKENHAM, 03/1798.
    On 28 January 1799 some of the enemy ships appeared off Macao intending to capture the Indiamen lying in the Roads. They comprised one Spanish ship of 80 guns, one of 74 guns and two frigates of 40 guns each, and a French frigate and a corvette. Fortunately ARROGANT, INTREPID and VIRGINIE were at anchor off the port and the enemy showed no inclination to hazard an action. Both squadrons were driven out to sea by a gale and when the British returned on the 31 there was no sign of the enemy.
  • On 11 February 1799 the homeward bound ships sailed from Canton under the escort of ARROGANT, INTREPID and VIRGINIE and on the 27th. ARROGANT and VIRGINIE parted company and sailed for Prince of Wales Island. VIRGINIE later returned to take the convoy to Ceylon.
  • Capt. Edward Oliver OSBORNE, 06/1799, East Indies.
  • In the spring of 1800 ARROGANT was off Batavia in company with ORPHEUS.
    On 16 May they discovered a large ship and a brig at anchor and chased them inshore where they ran aground. A few shots were exchanged and when it grew dark boats were sent in from the British ships to stop the enemy escaping ashore. In the morning the ship surrendered and proved to be the HERTZOY DE BRUNSWICK, commanded by Jan Cornelius Baune for the Dutch East India Co. with a crew of 320 men. She was armed with twenty guns on the upper decks and eight guns on the lower deck. Lieut. Blayney RICE boarded the brig, the DOLPHIN, which mounted fourteen guns and had sixty-five men under the command of Jan Vauntyes. She was found to be a new vessel, well coppered and very suitable for service in shoal waters.
    On the 24th. they captured a small brig with six carriage guns on a cruise from Samarang (Semarang) which she had left the previous day. At following day lack of wind prevented them from attacking another ship at anchor close in shore and ARRROGANT was obliged to anchor about ten miles out. Lieut. Blayney RICE took all the boats in during the night and, after a row of about four hours, boarded and captured the ship which was the Dutch E. I. Co. UNDERNEMING armed with six carriage guns. ARROGANT sailed with her prize to Cheribon (Tjirebon) where she joined ORPHEUS on the 28th.
    ARROGANT then sailed for India and on 4 August gave chase to two ships off Madras, both under English colours. One, a small frigate, began throwing guns and boats overboard to try and escape but when ARROGANT's chase guns reached her she hoisted French colours, fired a few shots from her stern chasers and struck. She was the privateer UNI which had been armed with thirty 18 and 9-pounders but only four guns and two carronades remained on board. Commanded by Jean Francois Hodoul she had sailed from Mauritius on 4 May with a crew of 250 men, of which 134 had been put aboard prizes. The other ship was English FRIENDSHIP which the privateer had captured that morning. Another prize, the brig BEE bound for Masulipatam from Madras, made her escape. UNI had taken the English privateer HARRIOT from the Cape and the HELEN from Bombay.
    ARROGANT anchored in the Madras Roads on the evening of 10 August.
  • 1802 Island of Lintin, China.
    On 29 March she put a detachment of the 78th. regiment and some Bengal European Artillery on board the H. E. I. Co. ship DOVER CASTLE. When the governor requested Vice Ad. RAINIER to send a force against pirates on the Guzzurat coast he used two brigs belonging to the East India Co., TERNATE and TEIGNMOUTH and manned them from ARROGANTE. With the FOX frigate they arrived off the pirate's island on 26 February 1803 and destroyed a large number of their vessels.
    On 19 March they made an unwise attempt to storm the fort and were obliged to retreat after losing 40 men killed and wounded out of 220.
  • Later ARROGANTE was stationed at Bombay as a guard ship and sheer hulk. Before his departure from India in March 1805 RAINIER appointed Cdr. DOBBIE to her. Capt. Anthony MAITLAND was appointed to her early in 1807. Capt. DOBBIE, posted in 1806, left India in August and landed at Portsmouth on 1 January

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