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ASIA (64) 3rd rate Built in 1764, Portsmouth DY.
Broken up in 1804.

  • 1770 Captain Richard KING. Guardship at Portsmouth.
  • 1776 Capt. George VANDERPUT. North America. In July she was moored off the watering place on Staten Island. New York distant 8 miles.
    Ordered home in January 1777
  • 1782 Capt. R. R. BLIGH, Plymouth, fitting for foreign service.
  • 1793 Capt. John BROWN.
    On 20 March 1794 she took part in the attack on Fort Royal, Martinique. It was planned that she and ZEBRA should enter the Carenage to batter the fort but she did not get into position because a former lieutenant of the port went back on his undertaking to pilot her in. She returned home in the summer.
  • 1794 Capt. J M'DOUGALL, 10/1794.
  • 1795 In June she was the flagship of Rear Ad. T. PRINGLE.
  • 1796 Capt. Robert MURRAY, 05/1796.
    In October 1798 she became the flagship of Ad. G. VANDEPUT at Halifax. She arrived at Portsmouth on 30 October 1800 after a passage of five weeks with the transports: MARY ANN (24th. regiment) and DUCHESS OF RUTLAND (26th. regiment). The rest of her convoy: DIAMOND (Duke of Kent's horses), LEIGHTON, LAUREL and DUKE OF KENT, carried on to the Downs.
    ASIA was laid up at Chatham.
  • On 15 January 1801 she and the other ships in port were inspected by the Navy Board and they were ordered to be immediately equipped for sea. She was commissioned in February for service with the Baltic fleet by Capt. J. DAWSON.
  • 1802 Capt. M'INNES. On 27 October 1802 she sailed from Portsmouth for the East Indies.
  • In 1803 she was in ordinary at Chatham before being broken up the following year.

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