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BEDFORD (74) Built in 1775, Woolwich.
Broken up in 1817.

  • 1780 Capt. Sir Edmund AFFLECK, forming part of the squadron under Vice Ad. ARBUTHNOT. Later in the West Indies she took part in the conflicts between RODNEY and de Grasse on 9 and 12 April 1782. She paid off at Portsmouth in the summer of 1783.
  • 1795 Capt. Davidge GOULD, Mediterranean. She was with Vice Ad. HOTHAM's squadron off Genoa on 14 March when CA IRA and CENSEUR were captured. BEDFORD had 7 men killed and 18 wounded. She was also involved in the skirmish with the Toulon fleet on 13 July.
  • 1796 Capt. Augustus MONTGOMERY, Mediterranean.
    She returned to England in October with a convoy. During an encounter with a French squadron off Cape St. Vincent the CENSEUR prize was recaptured by the French.
  • 1799 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1800 Fitting out as a prison ship.
  • 1805 Receiving ship at Plymouth.
  • 1807 Fitting out at Plymouth and in October, when the petty officers and crew of BELLEROPHON were turned over to her, she was commissioned by Capt. James WALKER to join Rear Ad. Sir Sidney SMITH in escorting the Portuguese Royal family from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro where they were under the protection of the British squadron.
    MARLBOROUGH, LONDON, MONARCH and BEDFORD, with eight Portuguese ships of the line, four frigates, two brigs and a schooner, accompanied by a large fleet of merchant vessels, reached Rio on 7 March 1808 after a passage of 14 weeks.
  • Sir Sidney SMITH had a pleasant house beside the river called Chacra Braganca but on the ships at Rio they complained of prickly heat and were glad to cruise off Cape Frio or down to the river Plate.
  • While she was in Brazil BEDFORD was commanded for a short time in 1808-9 by Capt. Adam MACKENZIE of PRESIDENT.
  • 1811 With the squadron off Flushing.
  • 1812 Off the Texel.
  • In September 1814 Capt. WALKER took command of a squadron which embarked the advance guard of Major General Keane's army being sent against New Orleans.
  • On 14 December her boats joined in the attack on five American gun-vessels anchored near St. Joseph's Island. She had one seaman killed and Lieuts. John FRANKLIN and H. G. ETOUGH, and James HUNTER, master's mate, were wounded.
  • BEDFORD arrived off the Chandeleur Is.
    On 8 February 1815 and the troops started to disembark on the 16th. Since Sir Alexander COCHRANE and Rear Ads. MALCOLM and CODRINGTON were ashore with the army, as were most of BEDFORD's officers and 150 of her men, Capt. WALKER found himself senior officer with the line-of-battle ships. Because of the shallow water these were 100 miles from the scene of the action.
  • After the peace BEDFORD and IPHEGENIA went to Jamaica to collect a home-bound convoy.
  • 1816 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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