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BELLONA (74) 3rd rate Built in 1760, Chatham DY.
Harbour service in 1842.

  • 1760 Capt. Robert SPEKE.
  • 1761 Capt. Robert FAULKNER.
    On 13 August, around dusk, BELLONA and BRILLIANT (36), Capt. James LOGIE, gave chace to three ships off Vigo, keeping them in sight all night. In the morning they were about five miles off when the largest ship made a signal, shortened sail, and made for BELLONA, at the same time two frigates closed on BRILLIANT and an engagement started about 6 o'clock. In about ten minutes the mizzen masts of the two ships of the line had fallen overboard and the enemy had nearly fallen athwart hawse of the BELLONA, had not Capt. FAULKNER, with great presence of mind, wore under her stern, and brought her to close action on the opposite side. This unexpected manoeuvre threw the enemy into confusion and she struck at nine minutes past seven, proving to be the COURAGEUX (74), with 700 men. Her captain, Dugne de L'Ambert, died later in Lisbon from his wounds. The ship had been bound to San Domingo with property on board valued at 320,000 pounds, and ransom for five prizes. She had 240 men killed and 110 wounded. BELLONA lost 6 men killed and 28 wounded. On perceiving the fate of COURAGEUX, the two frigates, each of 32 guns, that were engaging BRILLIANT, bore away and got off. They were LE MALICIEUX, Capt. Longueville, and L'HERMIONE, Capt. Montigney. Capt. BOGIE,in the BRILLIANT, behaved like a skilful officer, in engaging the two frigates and preventing them from coming up and engaging with BELLONA. (See BRILLIANT.)
  • BELLONA was paid off at Portsmouth in January 1763. In June orders were received to fit her out as a guard-ship and she was docked on the 25th.
  • 1766 Capt. Lord William CAMPBELL. Portsmouth. (Lieut. Lewis DAVIES)
  • 1766 Capt. John ELLIOT.
  • 1767 Capt. Michael EVERITT, guardship at Portsmouth.
    Sick and Hospital tickets recorded for Henry Davy, Daniel Monroe, James Ellis, William Whitton.
  • Capt. George BOWEN.
  • 1792 Capt. George WILSON, Leeward Is. He continued in command until succeeded by Capt. THOMPSON.
  • 1799 Capt. Sir T. Boulden THOMPSON, 02/1799, re-fitting at Plymouth.
  • 1800 with Lord BRIDPORT's fleet off Brest. She was paid at Plymouth on 16 September.
    On 31 October Lord ST. VINCENT hoisted his flag in BELLONA, having bought a house at Torbay for the winter.
  • On 3 March 1801 BELLONA, LONDON, GANGES, EUGENIE and HARPY sailed from Portsmouth to join Ad. Sir Hyde PARKER in the Yarmouth Roads.
    To counter the threatening attitude of the northern powers the fleet with 18 sail-of-the-line, frigates and bomb vessels, sailed from there on 12 March and anchored at the entrance to the Sound on the 21st.
    On the 2 April the ships weighed to take up their assigned stations abreast of the enemy ships across the harbour of Copenhagen. AGAMEMNON failed to round the end of the shoal and had to anchor. BELLONA, due to the ignorance of her pilot, kept too far to starboard after rounding the Middle Ground shoal and got on shore about 450 yards from the rear of the Danish line. RUSSELL, following her, also ran aground with her bowsprit almost overlapping BELLONA's taffrail. Both ships could use their guns but not very effectively, and they were both within range of Danish shot. BELLONA's guns were old and some of them burst, killing their crews. She had nine seamen and two marines killed and forty-eight seamen, ten marines and five soldiers wounded.
    Capt. THOMPSON lost a leg and Capt. George M'KINLEY was appointed to command her pro tem.
  • After re-fitting BELLONA he was superseded by Capt. Thomas BERTIE of ARDENT and in July BELLONA joined the Channel fleet off Brest.
  • On 24 June 1802 BELLONA, VENGEANCE, BRUNSWICK and ORION returned to Portsmouth from Jamaica. They were all paid off in the first week of July and laid up in Ordinary.
  • 1803 under repair at Portsmouth.
    In the spring of 1805 she was still under repair but by the end of the year she was commanded by Capt. C. D. PATER, Channel fleet.
  • 1806 Capt. John Erskine DOUGLAS, who exchanged out of IMPETUEUX and was ordered to America.
    On 14 September BELLEISLE, BELLONA and MELAMPUS were some 35 miles off Cape Henry searching for Sir Richard STRACHAN's squadron when a line-of-battle ship under jury masts was sighted heading for the Chesapeake. They gave chase until the enemy took the ground and boats were sent to take possession of her. She proved to be the French IMPETUEUX (74) one of Rear Ad. Willeaumez's squadron which had been damaged in a storm. Capt. POYNTZ of MELAMPUS took off the crew and set fire to her.
  • In the summer of 1807 Capt. DOUGLAS commanded a squadron off the Chesapeake. Here he was involved in correspondence with the mayor of Norfolk concerning Capt. HUMPHREYS of LEOPARD who had fired into the USS CHESAPEAKE while following orders to search for deserters.
  • 1809 Capt. Stair DOUGLAS, with Lord GAMBIER in the Aix Roads during April.
  • In 1810 she captured the French privateer HEROS DU NORD (14).
  • 1812 Capt. George M'KINLEY, 05/1812, forming part of the North Sea fleet under Ad. William YOUNG. She cruised off the Scheldt before going to St. Helena, from which she returned in May 1813.
    For the remainder of the war she took part in the blockade of Cherbourg.
  • 1814 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1842 Receiving ship at Devonport.

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