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BERWICK (74) Built in 1775, Portsmouth.
Wrecked in 1805.

  • 1781 Capt. FERGUSSON.
    In 1781 Sir Hyde PARKER hoisted his flag in FORTITUDE, as commander of a squadron to escort 700 sail of merchantmen from Leith to the Baltic. As he was returning from that service with the home bound convoy, Sir Hyde, with seven line-of-battle ships, including BERWICK, and six frigates, fell in with the Dutch Admiral Zoutman, on 15 August with the same number of ships and also escorting a convoy, off the Dogger Bank.
    (see FORTITUDE).
    BERWICK had sixteen killed and 58 wounded. Lieuts. SHIPSEY and MAXWELL, Capt. Campbell and Lieut. Stewart of the marines and six midshipmen were wounded, the Pilot and two midshipmen were killed.
  • BERWICK was captured by three French frigates in the Mediterranean on 7 March 1795 and recaptured at Trafalgar. She was wrecked off San Lucar in the storm which followed the battle.

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