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CHRISTIAN VII (80) Taken on 7 September 1807 at the surrender of Copenhagen.
Broken up in 1838.

  • 1808 Capt. Sir Joseph Sydney YORKE, Downs.
    On 10 January 1810 the boats of CHRISTIAN VII and ARMIDE, under Lieut. GUION of the former, drove attacked a French convoy of four vessels taking passage from the Ile d'Aix to La Rochelle. Three, laden with wines, brandy, soap, pitch, etc, were driven ashore and completely burnt, the fourth, a chasse-maree, was taken.
  • A convoy of about 30 sail, making its appearance through the Maumasson on the evening of the 20 January, was chased by the boats of the two ships. Five were burnt and one captured.
  • When 3 chasse-maree from a French convoy got on a reef projecting from the point of Chatelaillon on 12 February, 8 boats from CHRISTIAN VII, SEINE and ARMIDE set off to destroy them. The French sent out 9 gunboats each armed with a 12-pounder carronade and 6 swivels to protect them, but they fled when the British boats turned on them. Lieut. GUION in the barge carried one of them and Lieut. ROBERTS of ARMIDE chased 2 more to the beach. The 3 chasse-maree were burnt.
  • 1811 Capt. GRIFFITHS. Flag of Ad.W. YOUNG off Flushing.
  • 1812 Capt. BALL, off the Texel.
  • 1814 Harbour service at Chatham.

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