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CONQUEROR (74) Built in 1801, Harwich.
Broken up in 1822.

  • In February 1802 she arrived in Plymouth from the Downs and on the 28th. she went up the harbour to be paid off a few days later.
    It was intended that she should turn her ship's company over to the CAMBRIDGE flagship and be laid up in ordinary with PLANTAGENET in the river Tamar but on 5 March orders arrived for the two ships to be fitted out for service.
    CONQUEROR went into dock on the 13th.
  • 1803 Capt. LOUIS, Cawsand Bay.
    On 13 June a large tender from Liverpool arrived with 100 seamen which were immediately sent on board CONQUEROR which was under orders to join the fleet. She sailed for the Mediterranean with MALTA, CANOPUS and SCEPTRE.
  • 1805 Capt. Israel PELLEW, off Cadiz.
    At Trafalgar CONQUEROR was in Lord NELSON's weather division and was the fifth to go into action. She and NEPTUNE engaged the SANTISIMA TRINIDAD until all her masts were gone and the enemy ship was rolling as an unmanageable hulk, then CONQUEROR raked the BUCENTAURE before hauling up her lee quarter.
    In a short time the French ship's foremast fell and she surrendered.
    CONQUEROR had 3 killed and 9 wounded.
    On her return to England she carried a present of otto of roses from Capt. HOSTE of AMPHION for his sister Kate in Norfolk.
  • 1806 Ditto, Channel fleet.
    On 15 July boats from each of the line-of-battle ships in Sir Samuel HOOD's squadron off Rochefort attempted to capture or destroy a French convoy at the entrance of the Garonne.
    The brig CAESAR (18) was brought out.
    CONQUEROR lost Mr HELPMAN, master's mate, killed and two others wounded.
  • 1808 Capt. Edward FELLOWES, Mediterranean.
    In the summer of 1810 CONQUEROR was with the inshore squadron off Toulon commanded by Capt. BLACKWOOD in WARSPITE.
    On 20 July a detachment of the enemy fleet, consisting of six sail-of-the-line and four frigates put to sea to aid a convoy which had been forced to take refuge in Bandol, and cut off EURYALUS and SHEERWATER.
    Capt. BLACKWOOD formed his squadron, WARSPITE, AJAX and CONQUEROR, into line of battle and, by engaging their head-most ships, frustrated their intentions.
  • She returned to England in 1812 and spent the next two years under repair at Chatham.
  • 1814 our of commission at Chatham.
  • 1815 Ditto at Sheerness.
  • 1816 Capt. John DAVIE, 11/1816, with the flag of Rear Ad. Robert PLAMPIN at St. Helena during the captivity of Napoleon.
    At St. Helena Capt. DAVIE contracted an illness which led to his death at the age of 55 in 1825.
  • 1818 Capt. Francis STANFELL, 04/1818, St. Helena.
    CONQUEROR returned to Portsmouth on 9 September 1820 and she was paid off at Chatham on 30 October.

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