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DAEDALUS (32) 5th rate Built in 1780, Fisher, Liverpool.
Lent to Trinity House in 1803.
Hulk in 1806.
Broken up in 1811.

  • 1782 Capt. T. PRINGLE, Spithead.
  • 1791 Capt. Charles Henry KNOWLES.
  • 1794 Capt. WILLIAMS, 09/1794.
  • 1795 Capt. COUNTESS, 09/1795.
    On 8 January 1797 off Ushant, DAEDALUS, in company with MAJESTIC and INCENDIARY, captured the French transport SUFFREIN which had previously been taken by JASON, recaptured by TORTU, and was now on her way to Brest. She was loaded with ordnance stores for the Irish invasion but she was sunk so as not to weaken DAEDALUS by putting a prize crew on board.
  • 1797 Capt. Henry Lidgbird BALL, 03/1797, East Indies.
    In the summer of 1800 CENTURION (50), was sent with three frigates, DAEDALUS, BRAAVE and SYBILLE, to blockade Batavia where, on 23 August, they captured 5 armed vessels destroyed 22 merchantmen at Onrust. One of the prizes, a brig which was renamed ADMIRAL RAINIER, was manned by men from the squadron, the officers were Lieuts. DOBBIE of CENTURION and CORBYN of SYBILLE and Messrs. William Richard SMITH of DAEDALUS and Robert WATTS of CENTURION.
    They did a lot of damage to the Dutch in the Carawang River.
    The four ships remained off Java until recalled by Governor General of India to take part in the Mahratta war. While off the island they had kept clear of fever but eventually it was brought on board by soldiers of the 12th. regiment.
  • Lieut. Charles James JOHNSTON of SUFFOLK, Vice Ad. RAINIER's flagship acted as captain of DAEDALUS in 1801.
  • 1803 Capt. William WALLER.
    DAEDALUS returned to England to pay off at Chatham in May.
  • 1805 Floating battery at Lower Hope on the Thames.
  • 1807 Frederick WARREN, Spithead for Jamaica.
  • 1808 Capt. S. H. INGLEFIELD, Jamaica.
    When DAEDALUS, FRANCHISE, AURORA, REINDEER and PERT met accidentally off San Domingo on 10 October 1808, their captains decided that taking the port and town of Samana would assist the Spanish patriots blockading the city of San Domingo. They entered without opposition the following morning and captured two French privateer schooners and three other French vessels. The arms and ammunition from the privateers were handed over to Don Diego de Lira, a Spanish officer, who undertook to defend the town.
  • On 3 August 1809 DAEDALUS was dismasted in a hurricane of Porto Rico. Her timbers were found to be quite decayed and she was paid off at Sheerness in September 1810

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