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DORIS (36) Ex PITT, an Indiaman built in Bombay and purchased in 1808.
Sold in 1829.

  • 1808 Capt. Christopher COLE, from CULLODEN.
    With PSYCHE under his orders he transported Col. Malcolm, the ambassador to the Persian court, to Abashir in the Persian Gulf.
    (See PSYCHE) During the following two years DORIS was employed cruising in the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea.
  • When news was received of the patriotic rising against the French in Spain, Rear Ad. DRURY sent DORIS and PSYCHE to the Phillipines to try and win over the Spanish authorities there.
    He was successful in his mission.
  • He had the good fortune to encounter and capture the valuable Japan ship from Batavia and when, he learnt from her that two French frigates had gone to China, he set off in pursuit.
    The enemy was not at Macao and when he attempted to return the monsoon drove the two ships out into the Pacific.
    DORIS lost 40 men from scurvy and dysentery and when she arrived at Malacca only one lieutenant, the gunner and 56 men were able to stand watch.
    PSYCHE suffered equally.
    Capt. COLE removed, at his own request, to CAROLINE in 1810.
  • 1810 Capt. William Jones LYE, East Indies.
    On 19 October 1810 Vice Ad. BERTIE resumed the blockade of Port Louis, Mauritius, and on the 24th. he was joined by Rear Ad. DRURY with RUSSELL, CLOIRINDE, DORIS, PHAETON, BUCEPHALUS, CORNELIA and HESPER.
    He detached CORNELIA and HESPER to join the blockade and sailed with the rest to Rodriguez where he joined a division of about 10,000 troops from Bombay under Major Gen. Abercromby on 3 November.
  • The whole fleet weighed on the 22nd and on the 29th. the troops started landing in Grande Baie on Mauritius.
    Capt. LYE and Capt. BRIGGS of CLORINDE and their people were employed under the orders of Capt. BEAVER who controlled the disembarkation.
    Capt. William MONTAGUE of CORNWALLIS commanded the naval brigade ashore.
    The island surrendered on 3 December.
  • 1812 Capt. Barrington REYNOLDS, East Indies.
    DORIS paid off in November 1812.
  • 1813 Capt. Robert O'BRIEN, 01/1813.
    In the course of the year he escorted the outward bound trade to China.
    When Rear Ad. Sir George BURLTON died, Capt O'BRIEN removed himself to WELLESLEY on 1 November 1815 and assumed the position of Commodore without authority.
    (see CORNWALLIS)
  • 1817 Sheerness.
  • 1821 Capt. Thomas GRAHAM, 03/1821, Brazil.
  • 1822 Capt. Frederick VERNON, 04/1822, Brazil.
  • 1823 Capt. William JOHNSTONE, 10/1823, Brazil.
    He removed from ECLAIR to assume command of DORIS at Pernambuco in March 1824.
    The province was in a state of revolt against the government and the port was closely blockaded by a royalist squadron from Rio de Janeiro.
    DORIS was stationed there for nearly four months to protect British lives and property.
  • On 22 June two midshipmen and a boat's crew were made prisoners when they landed under the impression that they had taken part in a attack the previous night.
    A lieutenant was sent ashore to demand their release and an apology.
    When the blockade was lifted a few days later DORIS returned to Rio Janeiro.
  • She returned home to England from Rio de Plata in December 1824 and paid off on 12 January 1825.
  • 1825 Capt. Sir John Gordon SINCLAIR, 02/1825, South America.
    In 1825 she saved a French national brig and a Brazilian corvette from destruction.

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