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DRUID (32) Built in 1783, Bristol.
Broken up in 1813.

  • 1793 Capt. ELLISON.
  • 1795 Capt. R. C. REYNOLDS.
  • 1795 Capt. Richard KING was appointed to her in the summer of 1795 and was employed in the Channel and escorting the trade to and from Portugal.
  • 1797 Capt. Edward CODRINGTON.
    On 7 January 1797 DORIS (36) UNICORN (32) and DRUID captured the French frigate VILLE DE LORIENT, armed en flute and carrying 400 hussars to join the rebels in Ireland.
  • 1798 armed en flute, Capt. ABTHORP, Guernsey.
    On 14 May 1798 an expedition consisting of EXPEDITION (44) CIRCE, VESTAL, HEBE, MINERVA and DRUID, the last three fitted as troopships, CHAMPION, ARIADNE, HARPY, SAVAGE, DART, KITE, WLVERINE, TARTARUS and HECLA, left Margate under the orders of Sir Home POPHAM, to take part in an expedition against Ostend.
    The British government had received intelligence that a great number of gunboats and transports had been collected at Flushing for an invasion attempt on England and the plan was to destroy the locks and sluice gates on the Bruges canal to prevent them using it to get to Ostend and Dunkirk.
  • Unfavourable wind prevented their arrival before the morning of the 19th. and, despite it blowing hard, the troops were landed and the sluices blown, while the ships exchanged fire with shore batteries.
    Unfortunately the surf was running too high for the troops to be brought off and 1134 were taken prisoner with about 60 killed and wounded.
    Although the sluice gates had been destroyed they were soon repaired in a few weeks.
    Naval casualties are noted under their respective ships.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1805 Capt. Phillip Bowes Vere BROKE, 04/1805.
    So many ships were lying idle for want of crews that Capt. BROKE offered to sail with the barest minimum and try to bring her up to complement by pressing men from merchant ships off Land's End and in the Bristol Channel.
    When he was successful he was placed under the orders of Lord GARDNER on the Irish Station.
  • On 2 February 1805, after a chase of 90 miles DRUID captured the French privateer PRINCE MURAT (18) Mon.
    Rine Murin, five days out of L'Orient without making any captures.
    A fast, coppered vessel, she was sent into Plymouth.
    On 1 May 1806, after a run of 160 miles, DRUID chased the French brig corvette PANDOUR (18) into Rear Ad. STIRLING's squadron where she was brought to. She was commanded by M. Malingre with a crew of 114 men. She was bound for France from Senegal.
    Two of her 6-pounder guns were thrown overboard in the chase.
    Capt. BROKE brought her into Plymouth on 9 May.
    About the same time he chased a large frigate into the Passage du Raz, near Brest.
    He was appointed to SHANNON in June 1806.
  • 1807 Capt. Hon. J. A. BENNETT, Spithead.
    Capt. D. H. MACKAY, Irish station.
  • 1808 Capt. Sir William BOLTON, Irish station.
  • 1811 Capt. Sir Thomas LOUIS, Irish station.
    Capt. SEARLE, Mediterranean.
  • 1812 Capt. Francis STANFELL, Mediterranean.

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