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GLORY (98) 2nd rate Built in 1788, Plymouth DY.
Hulk in 1808.

  • 1793 Capt. F. PENDER.
  • 1794 Capt. J. ELPHINSTONE, 05/1794, with Ad. G. K ELPHINSTONE's flag. Capt. J. BOURM ASTER, 08/1794.1795 Capt. lexander GRAEME, 01/1795. Capt. GREY (9)/1795. Capt. J. BOWEN, 12/1795, with Rear Ad. H. C. CHRISTIAN's flag.
  • 1796 Capt. Sir George HOME, 04/1796.
  • 1797 Capt. James BRINE, Channel fleet. The spirit of disaffection manifested in the mutinies of 1797 was by no means eradicated.
  • On the evening of 12 March 1798, while the captain was walking on the quarterdeck with Lieut. William DANIEL, they heard an uPROar below. When they went to investigate they found 40 or 50 men trying to remove the officer's beer cask and struggling with the servants and the marine sentry. With the assistance of a few petty officers some of the riotors were secured and the rest dispersed, Capt. BRINE receiving a nasty wound on his forefinger. Some time later about 150 of the crew formed a plan to throw the officers overboard and take the ship into Brest. It was foiled when one of the mutineers, a marine, refused to go along with killing the captain's 14 year old son, George, who had done him many kindnesses, and told the senior marine officer.
    When Lieut. DANIEL was informed he took immediate steps to secure the ring leaders. He was only just in time, GLORY was under 9 miles off Ushant and 2 miles inshore of the Commander in Chief, and two Frenchmen in the crew had agreed to pilot the ship into Brest. If they were pursued by the fleet they had intended to fire two of the lower-deck guns down the hatchway and sink her.
    Several of GLORY's men were executed after court martials in the autumn and others punished by flogging. (Capt. BRINE died an Admiral in 1814, his son became a post captain in 1818.)
  • 1799 Capt. T. WELLS, 03/1799, Spithead.
  • 1800 blockade of Brest. She arrived at Plymouth for a refit on 11 May and was back again for another refit on 28 July.
  • On 3 January 1801 she went into dock in Plymouth to have her poop cut down. She came out again on the 10th. With Vice Ad. MITCHELL in Bantry Bay. She returned to Portsmouth with the rest of the ships of the squadron on 29 December, the sailed for Torbay. She went into Plymouth on 13 March 1802 to be paid 6 months wages.
  • In 1803 she was at Chatham to be cut down to a 74 but this was not carried out.
  • 1804 Capt. T. WELLS, 04/1804, from the WINDSOR CASTLE. Channel fleet. In July some men who were lent to GLORY from IMMORTALITE found that the Boatswain of GLORY was a much more humane man than the one on their own ship. (In fact Capt. OWEN of IMMORTALITE had checked him for using too large a stick.) They asked the captain of GLORY to intercede on their behalf.
  • 1805 Capt. C. CRAVEN, flagship of Vice Ad. Sir John ORDE. He was stationed off Cadiz with RENOWN, DEFENCE, POLYPHEMUS, AGAMEMNON and RUBY.
    On 30 March Villeneuve sailed from Toulon with 17 vessels, avoided NELSON's blockading fleet, and reached Cadiz on the evening of 9 April to join the Spanish fleet there. Sir John, faced with combined fleet of 19 or 20 sail-of-the-line and 10 or 11 frigates, claimed that he could do nothing, although one suspects that NELSON, now between Sardinia and Sicily, would have attacked.
  • In May Capt. Frederick AYLMER was posted into GLORY, still bearing the flag of Sir John ORDE, but he was soon superceeded. Capt. Samuel WARREN, flagship of Rear Ad. Sir Charles STIRLING. She was with Vice Ad. Sir Robert CALDER on 22 July when the two fleets met about 117 miles off Ferrol. The battle was fought in thick fog compounded by the smoke of the guns and and resulted in a victory of sorts for Ad. CALDER with two Spanish ships captured. GLORY lost one killed and one wounded.
  • 1807 Capt. W. A. OTWAY, to the Mediterranean on 1 January.
  • 1808 Chatham.
  • 1809 Prison ship at Chatham.

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