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HALIFAX (18) Built in 1806, Halifax, N.S.
Broken up in 1814.

  • 1807 Lord James TOWNSHEND, Leeward Is.
    On 7 March 1807 HALIFAX was in Hampton Roads and the first lieutenant sent five men with midshipman Robert TURNER to go in the jolly boat and recover a kedge anchor which had been dropped for the purpose of swinging the ship.
    Taking advantage of the dusk and rain the five men, William HILL, George NORTH, Richard HUBERT, Henry SAUNDERS and Jenkin RUTFORD, deserted ashore at Sewel's point, HILL threatening to knock the midshipman's brains out.
    SAUNDERS acted under duress and tried later to return to the ship but was threatened by RUTFORD.
  • On 22 June, some 12 to 15 miles off Cape Henry, Capt. UMPHRIES of LEOPARD challenged the US frigate CHESAPEAKE to produce deserters known to be on board.
    Capt. BARRON of the American ship denied all knowledge of them so Capt. HUMPHRIES ordered guns to be fired towards her.
    Capt. BARRON then allowed Lieuts. FALCON and GUISE to search for deserters and they found Jenkin RUTFORD (or RADFORD?) and three deserters from MELAMPUS.
    RUTFORD was found in the coal hole and was recognised by the Purser of LEOPARD as a man who had been discharged from her to the HALIFAX.
  • Jenkin RUTKIN was tried by court martial aboard BELLISLE at Halifax on Wednesday 26 August 1807.
    He stated that the reason he was hiding in the coal was fear that the Americans would make him fight against his country.
    All the men who deserted were persuaded by the Boatswain of CHESAPEAKE to enter for her, Lieut. Sinclair asking them if they had not a second name.
    RUTKIN was found guilty of desertion and executed from the fore yard-arm of HALIFAX on Monday 31 August 1807.
    The three deserters from MELAMPUS were also found guilty of desertion and sentenced to 500 lashes but were afterwards pardoned.
  • 1811 Alexander FRAZER, Halifax.
  • 1812-14 Portsmouth.

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