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HAMADRYAD (36) The Spanish MATILDA taken by MEDUSA, Capt. J. GORE, and DONEGAL, Capt. Sir R. STRACHAN, off Cadiz on 25 November 1804.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1808 Portsmouth.
  • 1810 Capt. Sir Thomas STAINES, 04/1810. She escorted a merchantman on her way to Quebec as far as the Newfoundland Banks and then convoyed troops to Lisbon.
  • On Thursday 27 December Francis GREY and Richard ROWLAND, seamen, were convicted of deserting from one of HAMADRYAD's boats during the previous August.
    Because of their previous good conduct they were sentenced to receive only 150 lashes round the fleet.
  • In 1811 HAMADRYAD escorted a fleet of East Indiamen from St. Helena into the Downs.
    Capt. STAINES removed to BRITON when HAMADRYAD returned from sea on 13 June 1812.
  • 1812 Capt. Edward CHETHAM, 05/1812.
    He was appointed to her on 7 May but had to wait for her return to Spithead on 13 June before assuming command.
    HAMADRYAD spent about two months off Cherbourg before going to the Baltic where Capt. CHETHAM commanded a small squadron for the remainder of the year.
  • On 4 October one of the ship's boats under the command of Lieut. Horace PETLEY (Naval Chronicle says PESLEY) captured a Danish rowboat, carrying two brass guns and a swivel and about 30 men, off Langeland.
    0ff Hermeren on the 14th. the boats of HAMADRYAD and CLIO, under Lieut. PETLEY and Lieut. Frank CUTLER of CLIO, captured a French privateer lugger PILOTIN carrying four 12-pounder carronades 31 men.
    Three Danish luggers mounting two guns each came out from Rodlye to support her but retreated when the boats advanced towards them.
  • The following year she was employed cruising in the Channel and on the evening of the last day of February she was fired on by a French privateer lugger which came out from under Beachy Head.
    HAMADRYAD tacked and brought the enemy under her lee guns.
    After being hit by several shot the lugger overset and sank about half past nine without any possibility of saving the crew.
  • For the rest of the year Capt. CHETHAM commanded a small squadron in the Cattegat and on 13 December 1813 HAMADRYAD captured the Danish national cutter ABIGAIL between the Scaw and the island of Lassoe. She was armed with three guns and was commanded by Lieut. Kierulf with a crew of 40 men. She was carrying sails and stores belonging to the Danish frigate NYADEN (which had been destroyed by DICTATOR, PODARGUS, CALYPSO and FLAMER on 6 July) to Copenhagen from Frederickswarn.
  • While off Newfoundland in 1814 HAMADRYAD towed a dismasted merchant ship, the PARAGON, to Halifax through a gale, thus saving a valuable cargo. She returned home in January 1815 and was paid off at Woolwich on 7 February before being sold in August.

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