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HANNIBAL (74) Built in 1810, Buckler's Hard.
Hospital ship in 1812.

  • 1811 Capt. Andrew KING, flagship of Rear-Ad. Sir Thomas WILLIAMS at Lisbon.
    By October she was flying the flag of Rear Ad. P. C. DURHAM off Flushing.
  • 1812 Capt. Sir Michael SEYMOUR, off Rochefort.
    (Capt. SEYMOUR lost an arm at the battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794, for which he later received a pension of 300 per annum.) At the end of March 1814 HANNIBAL and HEBRUS gave chase to two French frigates off the Isle de Bas.
    The enemy separated and, while HEBRUS continued in pursuit of ETOILE, HANNIBAL followed the other, the SULTANE, and captured her off Cherbourg.
    In the spring of 1814 she sailed with a convoy for the West Indies and returned to be laid up in the Hamoaze in the winter.

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