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HELENA (18) Built in 1804, Yarmouth.
Sold in 1814.

  • 1804 Lieut. YOUNG.
    On 25 August 1804 she sailed from Deal with the CROWN and CERES armed transports and several other outward bound ships under convoy for Portsmouth.
  • 1807 James Andrew WORTH, 03/1806, Irish station.
    On 28 February 1809 HELENA captured the French privateer AUGUSTE of 2 guns and 24 men.
    Two more were taken towards the end of the year; JASON, 10 guns and 44 men on 1 September and REVENGE, pierced for 16 guns, 61 men on 13 November.
    On 19 April 1810, after a chase which lasted all the daylight hours, she captured the GRAND NAPOLEON, a new privateer brig mounting twelve 18-pounder carronades and four long guns and with a complement of 124 men.
  • 1811 Henry MONTRESOR, 08/1811.
    During the following year HELENA and FAWN convoyed a fleet of merchantmen from Cork to the Leeward Islands. She continued on the Cork station until 1814.
  • An inquest was held at Carrickfergus on 4 November 1814 on the body of John HOPE, a boy belonging to HELENA.
    It appeared from the evidence that he had been threatened with punishment for improper behaviour and at muster time on the previous Monday he had secreted himself below.
    A corporal of marines found him hiding behind the mast in the cable tier and when he was dragged out it was found that his throat was cut and bleeding profusely.
    Surgeon DEASE gave immediate assistance but he died from loss of blood on the Wednesday.
    Verdict suicide.

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