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HERALD (20) Built in 1806, Littlehampton.
Broken up in 1817.

  • 1807 G. M. HONY, Mediterranean.
    In October 1807 Lord COLLINGWOOD sent HERALD to obtain information from Capt. CAMPBELL of UNITE on the state of the enemy near Corfu and while he was off Otranto on the 25th. Capt. HONY saw an armed trabaccolo anchored under the fortress.
    That evening he sent in his boats directed by Lieut. Walter FORMAN under a heavy fire of guns and musketry from both the vessel and the shore.
    The crew resisted until the boats were alongside when all except four of them escaped by a stern hawser.
    The trabaccolo was brought out and proved to be the French privateer CAESAR, armed with with four 6-pounders, belonging to Ancona. She was carrying supplies of rice and flour to Corfu.
  • The carpenter, Mr James WOOD, was dangerously wounded in the boats and three seamen, John SWAIN, James CARMICHAEL and Samuel RUTTER, were slightly wounded on board HERALD which suffered some damage to her rigging and hull.
  • Subsequently Lieut. FORMAN and four men in HERALD's gig captured a large coaster armed with two long 4-pounders near the entrance to the Dardanelles. She was abandoned by her crew of thirty Greek sailors and ten armed Turks.
    Shortly afterwards they gained possession of a similar vessel but were driven off by Turkish gunfire from the shore and stones from the Greek crew on the cliffs.
    One man was badly wounded in the face.
    When the HERALD's cutter and jolly-boat joined them, Lieut. FORMAN returned to recapture his prize.
  • The boats of HERALD, under a heavy fire of grape from the ship, a field piece and a martello tower, boarded a large armed transport which had been driven ashore between Brindisi and Otranto.
    The carronade in the launch soon drove the soldiers out of the tower but the ship, loaded with corn for Corfu, could not be got out and had to be burnt.
    One of the boarding party was shot by a musket ball.
    A few days afterwards they brought off a brig with a similar cargo from the island of Maura, but lost two men with two others wounded.
  • 1808 George JACKSON, Mediterranean.
    Lieut. FORMAN, while serving as first lieutenant to the two captains, commanded the boats of HERALD in thirty actions with the enemy and captured or destroyed more than forty vessels.
    Between twenty and thirty of his subordinates were killed or wounded.
    In 1810 he moved to the PRINCESS CHARLOTTE.
  • 1812 Leeward Is.
    The ship VENUS was taken by HERALD on 16 December 1812.
  • 1813 Clement MILWARD, 28/05/1813, Halifax.
    The English vessel LA LUNE, in ballast was retaken on 3 June, and the French vessel VENGEANCE, laden with wine and silks, was taken on 27 June, they were both sent into Nassau, New Providence.
    Four American vessels were captured: The ADELINE CECELIA, in ballast, on 13 August; the JANE, with cotton and sugar; ELIZA & ANN on 21 December and LIBERTY on 23 December.
    They were all sent in to Nassau.

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