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HEROINE (32) Built in 1783, Buckler's Hard.
Sold in 1806.

  • 1790 Capt. CARNEGIE (later the Earl of Northesk). She was paid off when the threat of war with Spain receded.
  • 1793 Capt. Alan Hyde GARDNER (afterwards Lord GARDNER), East Indies.
    On 1 August 1795, after news reached India of war between Great Britain and Holland, a squadron consisting of SUFFOLK (74) CENTURION and DIOMEDE (50)'s and HEROINE, with transports carrying about 3,000 troops anchored off Trincomalee and the commandant was summoned to surrender.
    When he refused the troops were disembarked, bad weather holding up the stores and provisions for ten days.
    The seamen transported the guns and stores over 3 miles of heavy sand.
    On the 23rd. the guns opened fire and over two days made a breach in the defences.
    The commandant again refused to surrender so seamen and marines were landed to back up the troops; their presence changed his mind.
    Several other posts in Ceylon soon shared the same fate before on 15 February 1796 the fortress of Colombo, and the remaining Dutch possessions surrendered to a British force consisting of HEROINE, RATTLESNAKE, ECHO and SWIFT, three Hon. Co's.
    cruisers and two Indiamen with troops under Col. James Stuart.
  • 1798 Capt. Hon. J. MURRAY.
  • 1800 Capt. HILL.
    Fitting out at Portsmouth as a troopship. She took part in the landings at Aboukir Bay on 8 March 1801 and had one seaman wounded.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Deptford.
  • 1805 Floating battery at Lower Hope in the Thames.

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