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HEUREUX (16) The French LE LYNX taken by Lieut. William COOMBE in the boats of GALATEA off Caracas on 21 January 1807.
Sold in 1814.

  • In capturing LYNX Lieut. COOMBE, who had already lost a leg in a previous action, was wounded by a musket ball through the thigh above the previous amputation.
    The boats, manned with five officers, 50 seamen and 20 marines, had to row for eight hours, mainly in blazing sun, to catch her.
    The surviving officers were promoted and William COOMBE was appointed to command LYNX which was taken into the Royal Navy as HEUREUX, on the Leeward Is.
  • On 28 November 1808 Capt. COOMBE received information that seven French vessels were lying under the protection of two batteries in the harbour of Bay Mahaut.
    Three boats from HEUREUX, after a row of six hours, attacked just after the setting of the moon on the morning of the 29th.
    After a few minutes desperate fighting the captain, with 19 men, boarded and carried a schooner with 2 guns and 39 men.
    Meanwhile Lieut. Daniel LAWRENCE, Mr DALY, the purser, and the remainder of the party, landed and spiked three 24-pounders in the batteries, before boarding a brig.
  • On the way out the prizes grounded and they became sitting targets for fire from muskets and three field pieces which had been brought down to the shore.
    Capt. COOMBE was in the act of abandoning them when he was struck by a 24-pound shot on the left side and died almost at once.
    Lieut. LAWRENCE was wounded in the fore arm by a musket ball.
    It was some hours before the boats got out of range of shot.
  • 1811 Plymouth.

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