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HEUREUX (22) A French privateer taken by STAG in the Channel on 19 October 1799 and bought in 1800.
Lost in 1806.

  • 1801 Capt. Loftus Otway BLAND. She sailed from Plymouth on 12 January 1801 and arrived at Portsmouth the following day. She sailed from there on 13 February with a large convoy for the West Indies.
  • She remained on the Leeward Island station to "protect commerce and annoy the enemy." On 28 May 1801, some 250 miles to the windward of Barbados, she captured the French national schooner EGYPTE of 16 guns and 103 men.
    The chase lasted 16 hours and she maintained a running fight for three hours in her endeavours to escape.
    The prize was said to be the fastest vessel out of Guadeloupe from which she had sailed 13 days earlier.
  • On 26 February 1804, 120 miles to windward of Barbados, HEUREUX took possession of the French armed schooner FLEBUSTIER.
    Although pierced for 14 guns she was armed with six French 6-pounders and had 68 men on board. She was new and had been stored for a long cruise from Guadeloupe.
  • In January 1805 she captured a Spanish brig, the SAN SEBASTIAN, laden with wine and a Spanish ship of the same name carrying merchandise and military stores.
  • Capt. YOUNGHUSBAND, Barbados.
    On 28 December 1805 HEUREUX and KINGFISHER captured the Spanish merchant brig SOLIDAD taking brandy and wine from Cadiz to Vera Cruz.
    HUREUX captured the Spanish letter of marque AMELIA on 14 January 1806. She was armed with eight 6-pounders and was carrying a valuable cargo of dry goods and wine from Corunna to Chamana.
    The French privateer BELLONE, with fourteen 9-pounders and 117 men, was captured after a short chase on 16 February. She had on board 8,000 dollars, being the owner's share of a prize they had carried into Cayenne.
    Two days later the privateer schooner BOCUNE (3), was captured after an eight hour chase.
  • 1806 Capt John MORRISON. She foundered in the Atlantic during August 1806 with the loss of all her crew.

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