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HIGHFLYER (8) Schooner An American privateer taken in January 1813.
Retaken in September 1813.

  • Lieut. LEWIS. She was employed as a tender in the Chesapeake.
    On 3 April 1813 she was sent into the Rappahannock with MAIDSTONE, STATIRA, FANTOME and MOHAWK to pursue four armed schooners.
    When the wind dropped a signal was made for the boats of the squadron and they followed the enemy 15 miles up the river before capturing them.
    On 23 April HIGHFLYER was ordered to follow and support the boats of FANTOME and MOHAWK as they went up the Elk River to destroy stores at French Town.
    Here they destroyed flour, military equipment and five vessels and disabled the guns of a battery.
    Later the two brigs, HIGHFLYER, DOLPHIN and RACER were anchored near a farm on the right bank of the river and they embarked cattle for the use of the fleet, paying with bills on the Victualling Office.
    The following day more cattle were obtained from Spesucie Island near Havre de Grace at the entrance of the Susquehanna.
  • On 11 June HIGHFLYER, with SCEPTRE, ROMULUS, FOX, NEMESIS, CONFLICT and COCKCHAFER, took part in the landing of troops under Lieut. Col. NAPIER on Portsmouth and Ocracoke Island.
    CONFLICT with the two tenders, HIGHFLYER and COCKCHAFER, carrying the remainder of the troops, followed in to harbour the two lines of boats which carried first, seamen and marines, and second the assault troops of the 102nd regiment.
  • While commanded by Lieut. William HUTCHINSON (1) she was recaptured by the USS PRESIDENT on 9 September 1813.

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