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HIND (28) Built in 1785, Sandgate.
Broken up in 1811.

  • 1793 Capt. Alexander COCHRANE.
  • 1794 Capt. P. C. DURHAM.
    January 1795 Capt. LEE 1796 Capt. John BAZELY.
    On 17 January 1797 he brought into Plymouth the French brig privateer FAVOURITE (8), with 60 men, which he had captured in Lat 49 Long 9. She had sailed from Brest on the 1st., but had made no captures.
  • Capt. BAZELY and his officers were put ashore during the Spithead mutiny of that year.
    HIND's crew did not adopt this measure because of any grievance but because two larger ships anchored nearby threatened to fire into them if they did not.
    June 1799 Capt. LARCOM. She sailed from Portsmouth on 7 September with a convoy for the West Indies. She returned to Portsmouth from Jamaica, via Halifax, on 25 April 1801.
    Capt. BINGHAM, late of the AMERICA came as a passenger in her.
  • On 10 September 1802 she returned to Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1805 Capt. Francis William FANE, Nore.
  • 1807 Ditto, Mediterranean.
    In August she was with Lord COLLINGWOOD's squadron off the Dardanelles.
    cruising off the Spanish coast under the orders of Capt. OTWAY.
  • 1808 Capt. Richard Budd VINCENT, Mediterranean.
    Capt. VINCENT had been in ill health for a couple of years when he was appointed to HIND in April 1808.
    He went out to the Mediterranean to join her as acting captain of CAMBRIAN, escorting a convoy of merchantmen as far as Cadiz, where their care was handed over to another ship.
    CAMBRIAN went on to Gibraltar and Minorca, where Rear Ad MARTIN at last sent Capt. VINCENT to the coast of Catalonia to exchange with Capt. FANE.
  • Apart from continuing operations off the Spanish coast, Capt. VINCENT made two diplomatic missions to Algiers.
    When HIND was ordered to Malta for a refit, Capt. VINCENT was induced by the Governor, Sir Alexander BALL, to assume command of the TRIDENT, the flagship at Malta.
  • 1810 Capt. Spelman SWAINE, 05/1810, his first post commission.
    He was appointed to TALBOT in August 1811.

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