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HIPPOMENES Taken by Commodore HOOD at the surrender of Demerara on 20 September 1803. 407bm.
Sold in 1813.

  • 1804 Conway SHIPLEY, 22/03/1804, Windward Is.
    After retaking the French prize RELIANCE of London on 25 March 1804 and obtaining information from her, Capt. SHIPLEY captured the French privateer EGYTIENNE (ex frigate RAILLEUSE) off the Windward Is.
    on 27 March after a chase of 54 hours and a running fight of over 3 hours.
    The Frenchman struck as soon as HIPPOMENES got alongside her.
    Master's mate John LLOYD was the only person hurt in the action.
    Two days before the Frenchman had been damaged in action with OSPREY and lost eight men killed and nineteen wounded.
  • HIPPOMENES formed part of Commodore HOOD's squadron at the capture of Surinam in 1804.
    On 24 April a division of the army under General MAITLAND was sent under convoy of HIPPOMENES to land at Warappa creek to collect enough boats from the plantations to transport troops to the rear of Fort New Amsterdam.
    At the same time a battery at the entrance to the Surinam was seized.
    On 30 April Capt. SHIPLEY, assisted by Kenneth MACKENZIE of GUACHAPIN who had left his ship 150 miles to leeward and brought up her boats, superintended the landing of MAITLAND's troops at Warappa.
    New Amsterdam was occupied on 5 May.
  • 1804 Kenneth MACKENZIE, 06/1804.
    The 25 year old commander complained that her crew consisted mainly of discontented foreigners.
    In this he echoed Capt. SHIPLEY: "00
    partly from draughts from other ships, that is by freeing them of skulkers, raw hands, incorrigible rogues and foreign renegades."
  • The truth of their comments was shown on 24 June when HIPPOMENES was cruising off Antigua disguised as a Guinea trader.
    A Guadeloupe privateer ran alongside and MACKENZIE jumped on board her followed by his officers and a few men numbering 18 in all.
    The rest of the crew declined to follow them.
    Five of the small party were killed and eight wounded.
    Only nine managed to regain HIPPOMENES before the Frenchman broke away.
    MACKENZIE was rendered senseless from the wounds he received.
    During August 1804 he retook the English ship YOUNG NICHOLAS which was laden with mahogany.
  • On 27 March 1808 the boats of HIPPOMENES joined those of ULYSSES, CASTOR and MORNE FORTUNEE to try and cut out the French brig GRIFFON, 16, at Marin Martinique.
    They succeeded in capturing a battery but were driven back empty handed.
  • 1811 Portsmouth.

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