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HOPE (5) Tender Tender to MAIDSTONE off the coast of Africa.
  • 1826 Lieut. William TUCKER.
    On 6 September 1826 Lieut. TUCKER and his crew captured a Spanish schooner, NICADOR, with 176 slaves on board.
    BULLEN then ordered him to carry out a sweep through the Gulf of Benin for slavers.
    At Whydar they found no less than twelve vessels waiting for slaves.
    One of them was a 9-gun Brazilian brig of 287 bm that had just come over from Rio with her slave decks laid.
  • Tucker placed himself out of sight over the horizon and within a few hours the brig put out to sea with, as they found late, 587 men, women and children on board.
    After a chase of 28 hours TUCKER came up with her and started an action which lasted for two and a half hours when, having had two guns dismounted, he determined to board her.
    Robert Lamport PENGELLY led the boarders and, despite being shot in the side, he forced the Brazilians to call for quarter.
    The slaver had 13 men killed and 12 wounded out of 76; 3 of the the African slaves were killed and 11 wounded.
    HOPE had only 3 wounded.
    Both TUCKER and PENGELLY were promoted for their part in the action.

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