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HORNET (16) Built in 1794, Rotherhithe.
Harbour service in 1805.

  • 1794 C. PAUL.
  • 1795 W. LUKIN, 01/1795.
  • 1796 R LARKAN, 01/1796.
  • 1796 J. NASH, 11/1796, West Indies.
  • 1799 Spithead.
  • 1800 convoy to the West Indies.
    While at Guadeloupe in October 1800 a boat from HORNET pressed some men off the NEW CERES.
    One of the merchantman's crew fired a blunderbuss into the boat and killed Mr CROXALL, the second lieutenant, and wounded Mr FINEGAR in both thighs.
    The following morning HORNET's people returned in force but found all the crew had left her except for the chief mate and the steward.
    Capt. NASH handed them over to the civil power.
  • Two boats from HORNET, together with two from DAPHNE cut out a ship moored under the protection of shore batteries.
    One of the boats returning under the command of a young midshipman, the son of Lord Graves on his first voyage, was fired into by a schooner and two men were killed and another had an arm carried away.
  • HORNET took part in the attack on the islands of St. Bartholomew and St. Martin March 1801 by Rear Ad. DUCKWORTH.
    At Great Bay on the latter island on the 23rd. they found two privateer brigs, a schooner, a merchant ship and several small craft.
    HORNET and FANNY, an armed brig, were ordered to work up into the bay and prevent them escaping and DRAKE was sent later to assist them.
    Unfortunately they could not get far enough to windward and a brig and a schooner got away although chased for 24 hours.
    One privateer brig of 12 guns and a captured English ship were among those found in the bay.
    PROSELYTE, HORNET and DRAKE were left to secure the island and embark the garrison on the 26th. while the rest of the force sailed for St. Thomas's.
  • 1803 P HUNT, Barbados.

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