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HOTSPUR (36) Built in 1810, Warsash.
Broken up in 1821.

  • 1810 Capt. Hon. Joscelin PERCY, Channel.
    (He was 27 years old.) On 1 September 1811 he decoyed the Cherbourg squadron nearly into mid-channel, hoping to keep them out until Capt. Pultney MALCOLM in ROYAL OAK arrived with the blockading force.
    Unfortunately they regained their anchorage about a quarter of an hour before the squadron came up.
  • On 8 September Capt. MALCOLM ordered HOTSPUR to join BARBADOES and GOSHAWK off Calvados in an attack on a French flotilla of seven brigs, each armed with three 24-pounders and a mortar.
    The pilot assured Capt. PERCY that he could take the ship within pistol-shot without risk, but when they were no closer that half a gunshot the ship grounded.
    During the four hours she was aground she succeeded in sinking one of the enemy and and driving two on shore.
    BARBADOES had driven one ashore the previous day but having her broadside to the seaward, she kept up as heavy a fire as the others.
    Although the other two captains, RUSHWORTH and LILBURN, did all in their power to assist, HOTSPUR had to withstand the fire from the enemy's brigs, batteries and field pieces and lost five killed: Messrs. William SMITH and Alexander HAY, midshipmen; John STRONG, main-top; Isaac NELTHORPE, waist; John PORTER, boy.
    Twenty-two seamen and marines were wounded and much material damage was done.
  • While employed on the station HOTSPUR captured the French letter of marque ship IMPERATRICE REINE on 13 May 1813 and the American schooner CHESAPEAKE (5).
    on 26 October.
  • At the end of 1813 HOTSPUR was ordered first to Rio de Janeiro and then to Buenos Aires where she remained for two years. She was put out of commission at the end of 1815.

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