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HOUND (16) Purchased in 1801.
Broken up in 1812.

  • Ex.
  • 1802 K. MAXWELL.
    HOUND arrived at the Motherbank on the night of 14 January 1803, 16 days after leaving Gibraltar. She experienced very bad weather, all her sails were blown away in a hurricane on 28 December. She was released from quarantine during the morning of 7 January 1803.
  • 1803 River Thames.
    On 10 January 1804 she sailed from Portsmouth with the ships bound to the West Indies.
  • Adolphus DE STARCK was appointed to HOUND, then at Jamaica, when he was promoted to commander in May 1804, but Viscount MELVILLE permitted him to exchange into TARTARUS bomb.
  • 1805 in ordinary at Plymouth.
  • 1807 Nicholas LOCKYER, Downs.
  • 1808 (rebuilt as a bomb) Baltic.
    HOUND formed part of the squadron under Rear Ad. Sir Richard KEATS (see SUPERB) which brought off 6,000 Spanish troops under the Marquis de la Romana from the island of Funen on 11 August 1808.
    (After Spain joined the war against France they were under threat from French troops) The admiral shifted his flag to HOUND in the harbour of Nyborg as neither of the three ships of the line could be brought near in.
    Fifty-seven sloops or doggers, found in the port, were fitted out by the seamen and the greater part of the artillery, baggage and stores were embarked and removed to the point of Slypsharn, 4 miles from Nyborg where they remained under protection of the ships at anchor off the island of Sproe.
    Capt LOCKYER was appointed to SOPHIE in October 1809.
  • 1809 John WILLIAMS, During 1810-11 he took part in the defence of Cadiz before being promoted to post rank in March 1811.
    (He died at Okehampton on 12 April 1824 leaving eight children, seven of them under 12 years of age)
  • 1812 James BLACK, Cadiz.

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