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HUSSAR (28) The Massachusetts frigate proTECTOR taken by ROEBroken upCK and MEDEA on 12 May 1780.
Sold in summer of 1783.

  • 1782 Capt. Thomas Macnamara RUSSELL,N. America.
    On 6 January 1783 the French frigate SIBYLLE, Capt. Kergariou, which had earlier escaped from MAGICIENNE and CYCLOPS of San Domingo by dismasting the former frigate, was struck by a storm which totally dismasted her. She was sighted by HUSSAR off the Chesapeake on the 22nd and brought to action.
    It was a totally one-sided contest since SIBYLLE was under jury rig and had thrown 12 of her guns overboard. She tried to escape by pretending to be disabled, flying British colours over French, but fired a broadside and ran on board HUSSAR when the British frigate closed. She was forced to strike after being holed by shot below the waterline.

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