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IDAS (10) Hired cutter No details.
  • 1809 Lieut. James DUNCAN. She covered the landing on the island of Walcheren and delivered Sir Richard STRACHAN's dispatches to the Admiralty Office on 6 August.
  • 1809 Lieut. William WELLS, North Sea.
    Later in August she captured the Danish cutter privateer FLORA, of six guns and thirty men, about nine miles from the Scaw. The privateer had been out from Copenhagen for six weeks and had taken only one vessel, a Danish prize previously taken by ALERT and which was now retaken by IDAS.
    After waiting for the wind to moderate IDAS sailed with JASON which was conveying Rear-Ad. STRACHAN to Flushing. They arrived on the evening of the 13th. to find the arrangements for the destruction of facilities at Flushing and for the evacuation of the British forces well under way.
  • 1810 Ditto, Flushing. IDAS and KING GEORGE were attached to Captain HAWTAYNE's squadron in the Downs.
    On the 16 March their boats cut out a French privateer near the Texel under a heavy fire of musketry.
    In April 1812 Mr Richard WENHAM, master of IDAS, suggested to Capt. HANCOCK of NYMPHEN that a passage could be found into the Wieling Channel, between Flushing and Breskens, by crossing the Ript Hart Sand. So on the 30 April they crossed the sands, having Bruges steeple open to the eastward of Heyst, and found nothing less than 5 fathoms.

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