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IMOGENE (18) The French privateer LE DIABLE-A-QUATRE purchased in 1801.
Lost in 1805.

  • 1801 Capt. PLATER, 06/1801, Plymouth. She returned from a cruise on 31 December 1801.
  • 1802 Henry VAUGHAN, Plymouth.
    IMOGENE and SUFFISANTE sailed from Plymouth on the 14 April 1802 to return Irish seamen paid off after the Peace of Amiens to Wexford, Waterford, Dublin and Belfast.
    When she returned from a cruise on 19 July and anchored in Cawsand Bay, she received orders to victual and water and sail directly with SIRIUS to hunt for smugglers. She returned on 8 August.
  • She was paid off at the beginning of October 1802 and, by the 23rd., was nearly remanned by volunteers.
    On the 27th. orders arrived for IMOGENE to be ready to sail with dispatches at an hour's notice and to provision for four months. Such was the urgency that Mr Thompson, the purser, was at the victualling office at 4 PM
    to get supplies. Several tons of ballast had to be discharged to make room for them. She sailed on the 30th. for the Cape of Good Hope where she arrived after a passage of only 58 days.
    IMOGENE returned from the Cape with dispatches on the evening of 16 March 1803.
  • On 12 April 1803 IMOGENE was ordered to be ready for sea at a moment's warning. She sailed and returned on the 25th. with men for the fleet. She later served on the coast of Guinea.
  • 1805 IMOGENE foundered on passage from the Leeward Is. on 1 March 1805 while returning with the home-bound fleet. The crew were saved.

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