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IMPERIEUSE (40) Taken by Vice Ad. John GELL off Genoa on 11 October 1793.
Renamed UNITE in 1804.
Broken up in 1858.

  • Capt. R. FORBES, 03/1795. Capt. Lord A. FITZROY, 01/1796. Capt. J. ROWLEY, 06/1799. East Indies.
    She was damaged by gales in Table Bay and had to be repaired.
  • 1800 Returning home with convoy from China.
  • 1802 Cape of Good Hope. She left the Cape on 12 April and arrived back in Portsmouth on 12 June. The following day she sailed for the Thames to be paid off
  • 1803 Capt. H. HOTHAM, Plymouth. She sailed on a cruise on 8 September.
    In October she sprung her main-mast while chasing a large French frigate in the Bay of Biscay. She had to fish it and bore up for Plymouth where she arrived on the 27th. and went up the Hamoaze.
    On 15 November she went down the harbour into Barn Pool to wait for orders.
  • She came into Plymouth Sound on 21 January 1804 during a hurricane which wrecked or damaged many ships.
    On 28 March ILLUSTRIOUS, IMPERIEUSE, SQUIRREL and a number of sloops, bombs and gunbrigs sailed from Deal to cruise off Boulogne.
    On 18 July she went into dock at Plymouth to have a thorough repair, and was renamed UNITE.

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