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IMPREGNABLE (98) Built in 1789, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1799.

  • 1794 Capt. George B. WESTCOTT, flagship of Rear Ad. Benjamin CALDWELL, with Lord HOWE's fleet which sailed from St. Helen's on 2 May 1794. With the fleet were 148 ships of the Newfoundland and West Indies convoy. The convoy parted company off the Lizard on the 4th. with six 74s and two frigates to protect them as far as the latitude of Finisterre. After reconnoitring the French on Brest, Lord HOWE went cruising in the Bay of Biscay and returned on the 19th. to find that the French had sailed three days earlier in a thick fog.
  • On the 20th. the French captured most of the Lisbon convoy.
  • After searching in every direction for the French, they were finally spotted by Lord HOWE's frigates on the 28th. Lord HOWE came on to the same tack as the French and endeavoured to close but when the enemy changed tack away he made the signal for general chase. There followed a limited action on the 29th.
  • On 1 June both fleets formed line of battle about 6 miles apart. IMPREGNABLE was the eighth ship from windward. In the resulting action IMPREGNABLE was much damaged in her sails and rigging, losing her three top-gallant masts and fore-topsail-yard. Her master, David CAIRD and six seamen were killed; Lieut. William BUTLER, Mr PATTERLO, boatswain, and 22 seamen wounded, the Lieutenant mortally.
  • 1799 Capt. Jonathan FAULKNOR. Escorting a convoy in the Channel in October.
  • On 18 October, whilst in charge of the master, Michael JENKIN, she ran on Chichester Shoals and beat a considerable distance on to the flats, so that it was impossible to get her off. The master had run beyond the proper distance before hauling in for St. Helen's and had failed to anchor when the men at the leads declared there was a material difference in the soundings. All the crew were saved. After a court martial held on board GLADIATOR in Portsmouth Harbour, the master was sentenced to be dismissed his Majesty's service. Capt. FAULKNOR and his officers were acquitted.

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