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IMPREGNABLE (98) Built in 1810, Chatham.
Training ship in 1862.

  • 1811 Portsmouth.
  • 1812 Capt. G. C. MACKENZIE (2nd Capt.) off Flushing. Flagship of Ad. William YOUNG.
  • 1813 Rear Ad. BEDFORD (1st. Capt.). Capt. J. W. LORING (2nd Capt.), Off the Scheldt. Flagship of Ad. William Young.
  • 1815 Capt. Robert HALL, Plymouth. Flagship of Vice Ad. William DOMETT. In April Capt. Samuel Campbell ROWLEY, Plymouth. flagship of Rear Ad. Sir Josias ROWLEY. (The captain's brother.)
    IMPREGNABLE accompanied Lord Exmouth to the Mediterranean.
  • On the morning of 3 July BOYNE, IMPREGNABLE, BOMBAY and PILOT arrived in Genoa having previously landed the first division of Austrian troops at Livorno. By the 10th. they were in Marseilles waiting for the troops to arrive in the transports under convoy of ABOUKIR. About 3,500 troops debarked on the morning of the 14th. with 500 marines from the line-of-battle ships. Marseilles could now be openly royalist although the tricolour was still flying in Toulon.
  • IMPREGNABLE returned home after Waterloo.
  • 1816 In July Rear Ad. MILNE hoisted his flag in LEANDER, Capt. CHATHAM, at Portsmouth and sailed on the 20th. for Plymouth to transfer into IMPREGNABLE, Capt. Edward BRACE, and prepared to join Lord EXMOUTH, with the ships of that port, on his arrival there for the expedition to Algiers. Rear Ad. MILNE was second in command.
    In the attack on Algiers IMPREGNABLE lost Mr John HAWKINS, midshipman, 37 seamen, 10 marines and 2 boys killed and Mr G. N. WESLEY, Mr Henry QUINN, 111 seamen, 21 marines, 9 sappers and miners and 17 boys wounded. The total for the fleet, excluding the Dutch squadron, was 128 killed and 690 wounded.
  • The IMPREGNABLE was ordered to be re-fitted as the guardship for Plymouth. The cost of repairs to her hull alone was estimated at 10,600 pounds; her masts yards and rigging needed renewing completely.
  • Capt. James NASH, flagship of Ad. Sir J. T. DUCKWORTH, Plymouth.
  • 1818 Capt. Hon. B. P. PELLEW, 09/1817, Plymouth.
  • 1820 Ditto, re-commissioned November 1818.
  • 1821 Capt. Alex. SKENE, 06/1821, Plymouth.
  • 1839 Capt. Henry EDEN, 04/1839, Plymouth. Flagship of Ad. Sir Graham MOORE.
  • 1842 Capt. Thomas FORREST, 10/1840, Mediterranean.

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