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INDIAN (18) Built in 1805, Bermuda.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1805 Charles John AUSTEN, 09/1804, Halifax.
  • On one occasion she was attacked by four French frigates but escaped by using her sweeps in a sudden calm. While equidistant from Bermuda and Florida on 19 June 1808 Capt. AUSTEN fell in with two schooners which instantly tried to escape from him on different courses so he gave chase after the largest and sent his boats after the other.
  • He captured the French privateer JEUNE ESTELLE (4) bound for San Domingo with flour and other provisions, a sudden breeze springing up when they were half a gun shot away prevented the boats coming up with the other which he learned was the EXCHANGE (6) also bound for San Domingo with provisions. JEUNE ESTELLE had one man killed and one wounded by INDIAN's chase guns. Capt. AUSTEN took his prize into Bermuda.
  • 1810 W. B. MENDS, 11/1810.
  • 1811 Henry JANE, 05/1810, Halifax. With Lieut. BRAY in PLUMPER he took the schooner FAIR TRADER in Bay of Fundy on 16 July 1812. The American mounted only one gun and carried a crew of 20 men. In the autumn of 1812 he was replaced by Capt. JAMES.
  • 1814 James DUNN, Halifax.
  • 1815 Ditto, Woolwich.
  • 1816 Deptford, where tenders were invited for her on 11 July.

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