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INFERNAL (6) Bomb Built in 1815, North Barton.
Sold in 1831.

  • 1816 Hon. G. J. PERCEVAL, 07/1816.
    She joined Lord EXMOUTH's fleet of five battleships, several heavy frigates, sloops, fireships, bombs (BELZEBUB, HECLA, FURY and INFERNO) and rocket-boats to sail for Algiers. The fleet was held up in Portsmouth by bad weather in the Channel and it was not until noon on Saturday 20 July that his Lordship was able to proceed to St. Helen's. The following morning he made the signal for the fleet to get under weigh and rendezvous at Gibraltar. At Gibraltar the fleet was again held up by a foul wind. Some time earlier Lord EXMOUTH had despatched PROMETHEUS to Algiers to try and rescue the British consul and Capt. DASHWOOD had succeeded in bringing off his wife and daughter but their baby and a number of PROMETEUS's people had been captured by the Dey. PROMETHEUS returned on 13 August with the news that the Algiers garrison had been reinforced about 40,000 men and the following day the fleet sailed but, because of adverse winds and calms, it was daybreak on the 27th. before they reached Algiers.
  • Lord EXMOUTH sent in a boat with his demands on the Dey but no answer was received. A shot was then fired from the shore which was promptly returned by PRINCESS CHARLOTTE and the other British vessels opened up as they came on station.
  • During the action INFERNAL lost Lieut. G. J.P. BISSET, RMA, and one seaman killed. The wounded were:- Lieut. John FOREMAN; Mr G. VALENTINE, boatswain; Mr. H. HOPKINS, clerk; midshipmen James BARBER, James CROSS and J. H. ANDREWS; eight seamen and two boys.
  • 1818 Deptford.
  • 1827 Edmund W. GILBERT, 12/1827, Deptford.
  • 1828 Bruswick POPHAM, 10/1828, Mediterranean.

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