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INSOLENT (12) Gun-brig The French L'ARROGANTE (6) taken on 19 April Originally armed with twelve 32-pounder carronades. Regunned with 1fourteen carronades.
Sold in 1818.

  • 1801 On 24 April she was commissioned at Plymouth by Lieut. BURIANS, a veteran officer who was the father of Capt. BURIANS of the EARL OF OXFORD, armed ship.
    INSOLENT was stationed in Jersey and was employed cruising in the Channel.
  • 1802 On 1 December INSOLENT came out of the Hamoaze were she had been re-fitted. During a gale on the following night INSOLENT, which was lying in the Barnpool, was driven by the sea over the bridge between St. Nicholas Is. and Redding Point, and driven towards the rocks under Mount Edgecumbe. After a struggle she was brought up safely.
  • 1803 Lieut. W. SMITH (2), Guernsey.
  • On 23 May she brought into Plymouth the French ship CENTAUR from Havre de Grace, bound for Brest with a cargo of provisions, shot and shells, which she had captured in the Channel.
  • 1804 Guernsey.
  • 1805 Lieut. J. R. MORRIS, Channel.
  • 1807 On 7 March 1807 she brought French prisoners from Falmouth and landed them at Mill Bay, Plymouth. As they were being landed they were struck by the majestic appearance of the HIBERNIA passing down the Sound between the Main and the Island for Cawsand Bay.
  • 1808 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • 1811 Lieut. Edward BRAZIER, 09/1811, Plymouth.
  • 1814 Ditto, Yarmouth.
  • 1815 Lieut. William KELLY, to North America.

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