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INTREPID (64) Built in 1770, Woolwich.
Hospital ship in 1810.

  • 1793 Capt. Charles Carpenter.
    Near old Cape Francois on 21 April 1796 she captured the French national ship PERCANTE (26) with a complement of 200 men. The prize was taken into the Royal Navy as JAMAICA.
  • 1797 Capt. R. PARKER, 04/1797.
  • 1798 Capt. W. HARGOOD, 03/1798 to the East Indies on 29 April 1799.
  • 1803 INTREPID returned from the East Indies to Portsmouth in February 1803 and sailed from there on the 21st. to be paid off at Chatham. She remained under repair their for some time.
  • 1805 Capt. Hon. P. WODEHOUSE, Nore.
  • 1807 Ditto, Mediterranean. At the end of the year Capt. R. WORSLEY, St. Helen's.
  • 1808 Capt. Christopher NESHAM, Leeward Is.
    In February 1809 she took part in the reduction of Martinique when about 400 seamen and marines from INTREPID and YORK were employed in getting the heavy cannon, mortars and howitzers up to Mount Sourier from the eastern side of Fort Edward. A task of the utmost difficulty, owing to the rains and the steepness of the roads. Nevertheless a battery of four 24-pounders and four mortars was soon mounted and ready for service. The following day more guns were got up and, within five days of the batteries opening, the enemy was driven from his defences and the whole interior of the work ploughed up by shot and shell.
  • 1811 Receiving ship at Plymouth.

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