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IPHIGENIA (32) Built in 1780, Mistleythorn.
Burnt in 1801.

  • 1782 Capt. James CORNWALLIS.
    When Lord Northington, the viceroy of Ireland, took passage there in IPHEGENIA in 1783, he would have fallen through the uncovered skylight over the gun-room if Lieut. DANIEL had not caught him by the coat. She was sent to the Jamaica station and was employed on the Spanish Main for three years. She paid off at Sheerness in October 1786.
  • She was next employed on the Milford and Irish stations under Capt. Patrick SINCLAIR until the end of 1792 when she joined a small squadron under Commodore MURRAY which was sent to assist Holland in repelling the French from the Scheldt. The expedition had to be abandoned due to ice. She nest cruised off Cherbourg and, on 16 February 1793, captured the French privateer ELIZABETH. Lieut. Richard CURRY took the prize into Portsmouth.
  • 1799 Hospital ship at Plymouth.
  • 1800 Plymouth. Orders were received on 3 January for IPHEGENIA, THETIS and THISBE to be fitted out as troopships.
  • On 8 July IPHEGENIA, HUSSARD, STACKPOLE, EXPERIMENT and THETIS, with troops from Spithead, came into Plymouth Sound. They were bound on a secret expedition but baffling winds forced them to put back.
  • She took part in the landing at Aboukir Bay on 8 March 1801 during which John DONNELLAN, midshipman, was wounded, her only casualty.
    IPHEGENIA was burnt by accident at Alexandria on 20 July, all the crew were saved.

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