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ISTER (36) Built in 1813, Blackwall.
Sold in 1819.

  • 1814 Capt. John CRAMER, Cork for the West Indies where she made a number of captures on the Leeward Is. station: Schooner CONCHA 15 March; Sloop INDUSTRY 19 March; Sloop CAMILLA 28 March (with SWAGGERER); Schooner WILLIAM 18 May; Schooner MONTSERRAT 29 May. The first three were sent to Tortola, the other two to St. Thomas's.
  • ISTER was paid off in July 1815 and her crew discharged. She was re-commissioned on the peace establishment.
  • 1815 Capt. James FORREST, 08/1815, Portsmouth.
    In 1816 she was in the Mediterranean under Sir Charles PENROSE.
    ISTER was proceeding up the Mediterranean to join Lord Exmouth at Gibraltar for the attack on Algiers in April when she went on shore near the Cabo de Gata, east of Malaga during the night. The crew's efforts to get her off were unavailing although, after her masts had been cut away and her heavy stores had been taken out, she did float into deeper water. But this was no sooner done than she took in a great quantity of sand. One boat was upset and 12 seamen and a midshipman were drowned. The remainder of the officers and men were saved together with the greater part of the stores and property. Capt. FORREST purchased a xebec and sent some of the stores and 28 guns in her to Gibraltar and at the same time dispatched a midshipman overland to request the assistance of a man-of-war from that port.
    Capt. Peter HEYWOOD in MONTAGU responded and took ARACHNE with him to bring off the remaining stores and people. ISTER was eventually got off and saved.
  • 1817 Ditto, Cork station.

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