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JACKAL (12) Gun-brig Built in 1801, Blackwall.
Lost in 1807.

  • 1803 Lieut. C. P. LEAVER, Downs.
    On the afternoon of the 29 September 1803 he gave chase to a vessel running along the shore between Nieuport and Dunkirk. When he became becalmed he sent a boat with Mr SIMPSON, the master, six seamen and four marines after her. The enemy vessel ran ashore under the protection of a two-gun battery and three field pieces and her crew of 10 or 12 escaped ashore. She proved to be an armed sloop from Dunkirk.
    Although the sloop had kept up a continual fire on JACKAL's boat with her four 2-pounders during the chase they were able to come up and board her without loss after she grounded. Meanwhile JACKAL had been using her sweeps to catch up and Mr PURDY, the pilot, was able to navigate off shore to cover the boat and her prize as they came off.
  • 1804 Deal. JACKAL came into Deal with the loss of her fore top-mast on 23 September.
  • 1805 Lieut. Charles STEWART, Downs.
    On 10 January 1805 she sailed from Deal with a pilot, Mr KERCALDIE, on board to replace the floating light on the Galloper Sand. This had broken loose from its moorings in the December gales and was swept through the Downs on 18 December when a Deal boat put two men on board and took it in to Dover.
  • JACKAL was captured by the French after going ashore near Calais on 29 May 1807.

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