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JACKALL Tender A Welsh coaster of 101 tons purchased in 1792 to act as tender to LION which was about to sail with an embassy to Pekin.
  • 1792 Lieut. James SANDERS, 05/1792.
    The LION, the Indiaman HINDUSTAN and JACKALL sailed from Spithead on 26 September 1792. JACKALL, being unable to weather Portland, parted company during a gale on the 28th.
    She reached Madeira on 22 October, after encountering much bad weather, to find a letter from Capt. GOWER of LION directing him to follow to Cape Verdes and, in the event of his not finding him there, to rendezvous at North Island near the Straits of Banca.
    A gale from the Northwest forced Mr SANDERS to run out to sea from Funchal and JACKALL spent 7 uncomfortable days riding out the storm until the wind shifted and she could return to the anchorage and recover the anchor she had been forced to slip. She sailed on 30 October and 11 days later anchored at Porto Praya to find that LION had left two days previously.
    During the whole passage from St. Jago to the Straits of Sunda JACKALL experienced a heavy swell from the south west but the only bad weather was to the east of Madagascar where there was a incessant rain, thunder, lightning and a confused sea. She reached St. Paul on 13 February 1793 and arrived at the rendezvous on 23 March to rejoin LION. Her provisions were damaged by salt water and her crew were reduced to a very scanty pittance by the time they arrived.

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