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JALOUSE (18) A French vessel taken by Capt. Charles WHITE of VESTAL (28) in the North Sea on 13 May 1797.
Broken up in 1807.

  • 1797 John TEMPLE, 10/1797, North Sea. Off the Texel on 13 February 1799 she captured a French privateer brig, JASON (14) out of Dunkirk
  • During the night of 27 June Capt. TEMPLE and Capt. BOORDER of ESPEIGLE volunteered to cut out some Dutch gunvessels lying at the back of the island of Ameland, so Capt. WINTHROP of CIRCE ordered PYLADES, JALOUSE, ESPEIGLE and TYSIPHONE to join him in anchoring as close to the shore as possible in order to assist their attempt.
    Unfortunately the gunboats had shifted their berth with the ebb tide and were lying aground so the boats were ordered to bring out as many vessels from the Wadde as was practical. They succeeded in getting out twelve, six with valuable cargoes bound for Amsterdam. Not a man was killed or wounded although the enemy fired on them from his batteries.
  • On the 24 November 1799 Admiral Lord Duncan sent Capt. TEMPLE in quest of a privateer which had been operating off the coast. He fell in with her on the 29th. and she struck after a chase of 5 hours. She was a brand new copper-bottomed lugger called FANTASIE of 14 guns and 60 men. He was able to rescue the four masters and 35 seamen of four laden colliers that the privateer had taken the previous day close in to Flamborough Head. Capt. TEMPLE went off towards Ostend in pursuit of the prizes and on the 30th. he retook the SALLY of Lynn.
  • On Saturday the 5 April he took the small French privateer cutter INATTENDU with 25 men and 2 guns. She had captured nothing since leaving Ost.end the previous Wednesday.
  • 1801 Hon. Frederick Paul IRBY, North Sea.
    JALOUSE rendered assistance to the NARCISSUS frigate when she was driven ashore on the coast of Holland and would have been wrecked without the prompt help from Capt. IRBY.
  • 1803 Christopher STRACHEY, 29/04/1802, off Calais.
    On 14 June 1803, together with IMMORTALITE (36) and CRUIZER, John HANCOCK, JALOUSE chased two French gun vessels, the schooner INABORDABLE and the brig COMMODE. The gun vessels were run ashore under batteries near Cap Blanc Nez and after an exchange of fire between the British ships and the shore, boats were sent in under the command of Lieut. Hew Steuart, 1st. of JALOUSE, to bring them out.
    Chas. ADAMS, master's mate of the JALOUSE, who was badly wounded, was the only casualty. Both the prizes were armed with three 24-pounders and one 18-pounder.
  • 1805 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • 1807 Woolwich.

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