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JASEUR (18) Built in 1813, Ipswich (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1845.

  • The JASEUR, George Edward WATTS, commanding, 1st. Lieutenant Henry WEST, was launched in the spring of 1813 and her first cruise was off the Delaware where she captured several of the enemy's vessels. Deciding to land his prisoners, WATTS sent an officer ashore to the town of Lewes (at the southern entrance to the Bay inside Cape Henlopen) with a flag of truce for this purpose. When the officer did not return it was assumed that some accident had befallen him and Lieut. WEST was sent ashore with a second flag on 26 November.
    The treatment he met with on landing reflected disgrace on the American name. While he was surrounded and insulted, his boat's crew, with the exception of one man, were persuaded to desert. With this one man he succeeded in escaping at nightfall and, despite a heavy sea, managed to reach the JASEUR which was lying some eighteen to twenty miles off.
  • The JASEUR was next employed in the Chesapeake, where, on 2 May 1814, Lieut. WEST, in a boat containing only six men besides himself, captured and brought out from under a battery, the American privateer schooner GRECIAN, pierced for 20 guns but mounting four carriage guns and five swivels and with a complement of 27 men. This fine vessel was added to the British Navy.
  • On 7 June 1814 JASEUR joined the ST. LAWRENCE, schooner, ALBION and DRAGON in attacking an American flotilla which had fitted out at Baltimore but which was now in the Patuxent River. The enemy were in a creek into which they could only be followed in boats which were not strong enough to attack the flotilla alone. Captain Robert BARRIE, in charge of the operation, tried to provoke the Americans by rockets and carronades to come within range of the ship's guns but, apart from one skirmish, he was unsuccessful. Detachments of seamen and marines were then landed on both sides of the river and destroyed some houses which were used as militia posts.
  • On the 15th. the frigate NARCISSUS arrived and Captain BARRIE proceeded up river with twelve boats containing 150 marines and 30 black colonial troops and attacked the town of Benedict where a 6-pounder and some muskets were captured. They then advanced to Marlborough, only eighteen miles from Washington, DC, where they loaded a schooner with tobacco and other stores before returning.
    During her time in the Chesapeake JASEUR's boats took and destroyed more than thirty vessels.
  • In October 1814 JASEUR, then under the temporary command of Lieut. WEST, was employed on convoy escort from Halifax. She returned to Plymouth 1816 under the command of Nagle LOCK.
  • 1817-1818 Chatham.
  • 1820 Plymouth.
  • 1821-2183 Henry NAPIER, 01/1821,Halifax.
  • 1824 Thos. MARTIN, 06/1824, Plymouth for South America, In October 1824 she was at Rio with TWEED, AURORA and BLONDE.
    He was promoted captain August 1826.
  • 1827 Ed. HANDFIELD, 08/1826, S. America.
  • 1829 John LYONS, 08/1828, Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1831 Francis HARDING, 07/1830, Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1832 Archibald SINCLAIR, 09/1831, Cape of Good Hope, returning home 29.9.32.
  • 1833 Cdr. John HACKETT, 11/1833, Sheerness.
  • 1836 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • April 1838 Plymouth.
  • 1840 Fred. BOULTBEE, 05/1838, Mediterranean.
  • 1842 W. Alex. WILLIS, 12/1841, Mediterranean.

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