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JASPER Built in 1820, Portsmouth (Cherokee class).
Lost in 1828.

  • 1820-1823 Portsmouth.
  • 1823 Alex. ARBUTHNOT, 04/1823, Portsmouth.
  • 1824 Hon. G. R.W. TREFUSIS, 02/1824, Portsmouth.
  • 1824-1825 Charles H. FREMANTLE (from the c Coastguard) 06/1824, Portsmouth. She visited Mexico during the commission.
  • 1827 L. ROOKE, 04/ 27, Mediterranean.
    Her first lieutenant, Adam Camperdown DUNCAN was her acting commander in August 1827 when he sailed from Malta on the 11th. with seven vessels under convoy. Ten other foreign vessels, Genoese, Spanish and Austrian, took advantage of the presence of a warship to sail along with them.
    By the 16th. the convoy was dispersed over a wide area south of the island of Cerigo (Kithera) and the following day a Genoese brig in the convoy was plundered by a Greek brig.
    Seven days later, when JASPER was between the islands of Thermia (Kithnos) and Seripho, Lieut. DUNCAN saw a suspicious looking schooner to leeward and a small vessel to windward.
    the gig and the jolly boat were sent to board the schooner and found that she was the CALYPSO from Hydra bound for Syra, she had 42 men and two of her eight guns were dismounted. JASPER's yawl fired two shots at the other vessel and boarded her. She had 16 men on board and was loaded with grain but when she was searched a blunderbuss, 10 muskets, 10 pistols, all loaded, plus swords and knives were found concealed in the grain. Although she claimed to have been sailing from Syra to Paros her course was shaped to cut off the rear ship in the convoy and Lieut. DUNCAN put a quartermaster and two seamen on board and took her in tow.
    The following day he spoke an English schooner, the SYMMETRY, which had been plundered of all her cargo when by a Greek brig on the 3rd. when she was two days out of Alexandria. The Greeks had left them only bread and water to eat.
    JASPER arrived at Smyrna on 26 August.
  • JASPER was wrecked off Santa Maura (Levkas) on 11 October 1828.

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