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JOSEPH Hired cutter No details.
  • 1800 Lieut. COWAN, Plymouth.
    In March, while cruising off the Penmarks, TRITON, FOWEY and JOSEPH tried to burn the remains of the REPULSE (64) which had been wrecked on 10 March, but could not get close enough on account of a battery which was brought up and also the current which set in at a rate of 10 knots. She was several times involved with the enemy off Brest and when convoying the Mediterranean trade.
    On 27 June she came in to Plymouth having captured a sloop in ballast off the French coast and burnt her.
  • Lieut. John Richards LAPENOTIERE, Plymouth.
    On 7 May 1801 JOSEPH arrived at Plymouth from Minorca with dispatches from Egypt which had been passed on to her from MUTINE, which took JOSEPH's dispatches on to Egypt. In crossing the Bay JOSEPH was chased by nine Spanish men-of-war from the Ferrol squadron.
  • JOSEPH sailed back to the Mediterranean and returned again on 26 November with dispatches from Malta, Minorca and Gibraltar.
  • In December 1801 JOSEPH, under the command of Lieut. PERCY, had a chasse-maree prize under tow off the coast of France when she was attacked by two cutters and two schooners each mounting 12 guns, and a 14 gun-brig, all determined on rescuing their compatriot. Lieut. PERCY fought them off for an hour and a quarter before they bore away, leaving him to take his prize into Plymouth on the 5th.
  • When JOSEPH was paid off in the spring of 1802 Lieut. LAPENOTIERE soon moved to the command of PICKLE.
  • 1803 Lieut. William GIBBONS, Falmouth.
    In August 1803 Capt. BASS of GARNET ordered Lieut. GIBBONS to cruise off Mount's Bay but strong gales drove him south off Cape Finisterre. At daylight on the 8 September, after the early morning fog had cleared, he saw the Guernsey privateer MARIA some two or three miles to windward in chase of two brigs. One of these, ESPOIR of St. Malo, was firing her stern chasers and, at times, her broadsides, so JOSEPH tacked and in about an hour came with in pistol shot. ESPOIR soon struck her colours, she was armed with six 6-pounders and 52 men, one of whom was wounded.
    MARIA was sent after the other brig which proved on capture to be ESPOIR's prize, the TWO FRIENDS of London, bound there from Mogador.
  • 1803 Lieut. Thomas USSHER, 10/1803, Channel. From NOX cutter. He moved to the COLPOYS brig in April 1804.

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