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JUNON (36) Taken on 10 February 1809 on the Halifax station by HORATI0 (38) and SUPERIEURE (14) with LATONA and DRIVER. The two former ships receiving Naval medals in 1849.
Retaken in 1809.

  • 1809 Capt. John SHORTLAND, Newfoundland station.
    At one o'clock in the afternoon of 13 September 1809, JUNON and OBSERVATEUR, Cdr. Frederick WETHERALL, were about to board an American ship, when four large ships were seen approaching from the northward. The two ships gave chase and discovered that they were frigates. Capt. SHORTLAND made the private signal and they hoisted Spanish colours, he answered with the Spanish private signal and received the correct response. They were in fact the 40-gun French frigates RENOMMEE and CLORINDE, which were escorting two frigates, LOIRE and SEINE, of the same size, but armed en flute with only 20 guns each, and it was not until the two British ships came within range did they exchange Spanish colours for French. RENOMMEE poured a destructive broadside into the bows of JUNON as she came up, but she ran under RENOMMEE's stern raking her with a broadside as she passed. OBSERVATEUR also fired a broadside but she she was too far off to do much damage. JUNON then engaged CLORINDE for about 10 minutes until SEINE and LOIRE stationed themselves, one ahead and the other astern, keeping up a steady fire while RENOMMEE ran her on board. LOIRE ran her bowsprit over JUNON's quarter and the French troops swept her deck with musket fire. Capt. SHORTLAND had one of his legs broken by grape shot and Lieut. Samuel DECKER took command. CLORINDE attempted board but the assault was driven back by Lieut. Green of the marines and a few men, Lieut. Green being killed. JUNON then managed to shake herself clear but she was soon surrounded, boarded from all sides, and forced to surrender.
    Out of 224 men on board 20 were killed and 40 wounded. The French lost 21 killed and 18 wounded. JUNON was so badly damaged that the French set her on fire. OBSERVATEUR escaped to warn BLONDE off Guadeloupe. LOIRE and SEINE were destroyed at Anse la Barque by BLONDE, THETIS, and other ships of the British squadron on the 18th. RENOMMEE was taken off Madagascar on 20 May 1810 but CLORINDE survived until 26 February 1814 before she was taken.

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