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JUPITER (50) Built in 1778, Rotherhithe.
Wrecked in 1808.

  • 1782 Capt. Thomas PASLEY. JUPITER conveyed Ad. PIGOT to his command in the West Indies.
  • 1797 Capt. J. LOSACK, Cape of Good Hope.
    On 10 November 1797 Capt. LOSACK was absent at a court martial so Cdr. Aiskew HOLLIS was ordered by Rear Ad PRINGLE to take JUPITER to the anchorage at Robin Island where the frigate CRESCENT was lying in a state of mutiny. CRESCENT was towed under the batteries in Table Bay and the ringleaders secured and brought to trial.
  • 1799 Flagship of Vice Ad. Sir R. CURTIS at the Cape. She returned to the Cape on 10 November 1800 in a very leaky state after a terrible hurricane she encountered off Madagascar. She had been on a six months' cruise off Mauritius
  • 1803 Returning home.
  • 1805 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1807 Out of commission at Weymouth.
    Later Capt. Henry Edward Reginald BAKER, East Indies. During the voyage out to India JUPITER ran short of water and for some weeks in the tropics her officers and crew were reduced to one pint per day. While returning home from China she experienced tremendous gales off the Cape of Good Hope and lost nearly 20 men from scurvy.
  • 1808 After re-fitting she was ordered to take a convoy to Spain and assist in the rescue of the army under Sir John Moore.
    JUPITER was wrecked when she struck a sunken rock in Vigo Bay during the night of 10 December when Capt. BAKER was entering without attempting to get a pilot or bring the ship to anchor.
    He was admonished at the court martial held in the Hamoaze on Wednesday 10 January 1809.

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