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LEVANT (20) Built in 1813, Chester.
Broken up in 1820.

  • 1814 Hon. Alex JONES.
    Hon. George DOUGLAS, 28/04/1814.
    At the beginning of February 1815 LEVANT left Gibraltar with CYANE (20) Gordon FALCON, in company with two valuable convoys and on the afternoon of 20 February, when they were about 180 miles E. N.E.
    of Madeira, they encountered the American frigate CONSTITUTION (44).
  • Both British ships attempted unsuccessfully to gain the weather gage then bore up to try and delay the action until dark.
    They finished up in line ahead about 200 yards apart with CONSTITUTION about three quarters of a mile to windward.
    The Americans opened fire with long 24-pounders on CYANE whose 18 pounder carronades were outranged and a quarter of an hour later engaged LEVANT in the same way with two whole broadside.
    CYANE wore round to shield LEVANT but was forced to submit by the raking fire from CONSTITUTION after having 6 killed and 13 wounded.
    LEVANT exchanged broadsides with the frigate and was raked by a second broadside which forced her to strike her colours.
    Out of 115 officers and men and 16 boys LEVANT had 6 killed and 16 wounded.
    The two British ships had 42 boys between them and LEVANT's marines were young raw recruits.
    Both captains were honourably acquitted by a court-martial held at Halifax for their defence against a superior enemy.
    CONSTITUTION took her prizes to Praia on Sao Tiago, one of the Cape Verde Islands, (Porto Praya on St. Jago in contemporary reports) where LEVANT was retaken soon after and remained out of commission at Chatham until disposed of in 1819.

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